• The Hard Drive is missing files, some of which are very important and vital.
  • The Hard Drive produces ‘Click’ sounds or makes other noises.
  • The Hard Drive does not spin at all.
  • The hard drive smells like smoke after it was powered up.
  • The hard drive was accidentally formatted.
  • BIOS detects drive as wrong size or model.
  • The Hard Drive can’t be accessed. Windows is asking if formatting is required.
  • Important data was erased off the hard drive in a malicious act by another user.
  • A forensic data recovery is needed.
  • In case of RAID-0 or RAID-5 array, RAID data recovery is required.
  • Photographs can no longer be found on your hard drive.
  • Similarly, there are various other potential issues one may encounter.

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  • Windows 9x, Me
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  • Linux (All Distributions)
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  • Server Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Digital Media / IPod / IPad / PDA
  • Email & Database Recovery
  • Manual Error: Data Omission or overwriting due to accident
  • Corrupt File System: Operating system crash or virus
  • Hardware Failure: HDD failure or CPU failure
  • Location-related: Fire, flood and electricity outage
  • Crime: Theft, hacking, worm, virus, hacker attack.

Physical damage to a hard drive or a hard disk due to an accident or an unfortunate circumstance is not that uncommon. Hard drives can stop working due to logical damage to the file system

Experienced technicians at Geek ABC are well-versed in data recovery services involving operating system failure, disk-level failure (Hard Disk Failure), or the kind if failure where files have been deleted from a storage medium, logically or unintentionally. Geek ABC provides Data Recovery services such as: Hard Drive Data Recovery, Data Transfer, Data Migration, Recover Corrupt Data, Windows data recovery, Mac Drive Data recovery, and other similar services to its clients and customers.

Data Recovery services by GeekABC includes retrieving and rescuing data from a damaged or failed secondary media. These kinds of data retrievals are needed when data cannot be rescued normally off the internal source or external hard disk drives. GeekABC provides data recovery services from different internal or external source drives like USB flash, solid state drives (SSDs), Storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, and other electronics.

  • Geek ABC offers the most efficient solutions for deciphering any data loss problem regardless of the reason that caused data loss.
  • Geek ABC is capable of the toughest data recovery despite of any operating system; file or system type or even if the data is encrypted.
  • With Geek ABC’s data recovery services, the customer can review data that has been recovered before making any payment.
  • Our File Data Recovery or Windows Data Recovery services can locate data, recover and manage documents, lists, folders and libraries to enable a successful Hard Drive Recovery.
  • Geek ABC provides Hard Drive Data Recovery services to its customers in all the 50 states across North America.
  • Experienced technicians at Geek ABC are well-versed in making available data recovery services involving an operating system failure, disk-level failure (Hard Disk Failure) or the kind if failure where files have been deleted from a storage medium, logically.
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