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Geek ABC offers fast, reliable and affordable computer repair services to residential customers. We have industry standard technicians. We come directly to home or home office for any computer service needed. We repair Windows, PC and Mac.

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Geek ABC is an on call computer service & networking company for your home office & business. We are an experienced team of technicians trained to deliver excellence and satisfaction to our customers with best warranty in the industry.

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Geek ABC offers managed care services for small to medium sized business. Geek ABC uses cutting edge network monitoring software to quickly and effectively monitor and manage your computer, server and network before serious network problems occur.

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You can count on GeekABC for all of your power jack repair needs.

At GeekABC, we are well equipped to service the repair and replacement of power jack parts. No matter the type of DC power jack you have in your laptop, we can quickly and efficiently replace it. We at GeekABC can service the repair and replacement of many laptops, including HP, Toshiba, Dell, and Sony brands.

People are often confused as to how to diagnose issues regarding their laptop, wondering if it is actually their power jack that is failing. Some of the signs that point to the DC power jack being an issue are:

·         The laptop only operating when the power cord is plugged in a certain way

·         The laptop abruptly shutting off

·         The laptop having trouble charging

·         Having to physically hold the DC power cable in place to get your laptop to function.

·         Power occasionally coming from the battery instead of the power adapter

But there is no need for you to worry about diagnosing your laptop. When taken in to GeekABC, all laptops are diagnosed by our professional technicians to solve issues including power jack replacement, troubleshooting loose connections to your power jack or from your power adapter, finding out the cause of a non charging battery, and searching for deeper root hardware failures in order to prevent other issues from happening in the future.

No matter the cause, we at GeekABC will fix your DC power jack issues.

People often wonder how their DC power jacks break, and there are many reasons.

-          Most of the time people will need to have their laptop’s power jack repaired after a sudden unexpected motion removes the power adapter cord abruptly, causing the inner jack to break.

-          Sometimes the part wears down over the course of a few years naturally, wearing down the jack over time.

-          The laptop travels a lot, accumulating bumps and damage over many trips.

-          The laptop model does not reinforce the power jack of the laptop enough, leading to breaks that otherwise would not happen.

-          The jack was improperly soldered when manufactured, and comes loose due to wear.

No matter the cause or type, GeekABC is the go to place for repairing your laptop.

Common types of laptops we service DC power jack repairs on include:

·         Dell

·         Sony

·         HP, Compaq and Pavilion series

·         Asus

·         Acer, Aspire and travelmates

·         IBM thinkpads

·         Toshiba

·         Gateway

·         Panasonic

And many others, ranging from the generic to the abstract, there is no laptop power jack repair issue we can’t fix.