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Geek ABC provides on-site residential computer repair and home-networking services with 100% satisfaction. We have industry standard technicians to provide at home computer repair for PC and Mac.

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Geek ABC provides on-site computer and network setup, configuration, diagnostics, and routine maintenance and repair. We service and support DELL, HP, SonicWALL, SISCO, IBM and more.

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Geek ABC has a carefree IT Managed Service which constantly supervises the server, workstations, and devices that maintains monitors and manages the network to reduce downtime and boost productivity.

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The Respected Choice in Ashburn, VA for Mac Repair, Computer or PC Repair, Laptop Repair and also Networking and Computer Network Security inside your Office or Home.

Contact Us Now to obtain a No-Cost Estimate for Computer Repair, Malware Removal as well as Computer Network Security for Your PC Network or Wireless Network!

Geek ABC delivers State of the Art laptop repair services, as well as Mac PC repair, for households and businesses in Ashburn, VA. Geek ABC computer repair experts produce realistic responses for PC repair & wireless network security to home and business enterprise Laptop and Mac PC clients. We also deliver virus removal and spyware removal assistance. We keep your computers, computer network including wireless network and network security, operational.

We've been widely acknowledged for our remote and on-location laptop repair & maintenance, including Mac repair,wireless network security and virus removal for both small and mid-sized companies. {When|If} you need help for your wireless network or computer network security, we can be of service.

Geek ABC PC repair consultants use great care for your laptop or computer repairs and computer network security. Just call and we'll have your PC Network, even your wireless network running like new once more.

We're experienced and certified computer repair specialists serving in Ashburn, VA. We offer over-the-phone computer system service to both new and current customers. E mail us today for onsite evaluations for home business computer owners in Ashburn, VA.

Reputable, Experienced and Trusted personal computer and laptop repair in Ashburn, VA.

Geek ABC delivers fast, dependable, in-home laptop repair services in Ashburn, VA. Geek ABC is highly proficient in Macintosh personal computer Repair as well as Laptop repair, upgrading, changing and updating memory, for a number of operating systems, hard-drives, motherboards, power supplies, software products and processors and many other computer add-ons.

Our laptop repair geeks also serve Ashburn, VA in these other computer products and services: data backup, data transfer, file recovery, laptop repair, virus removal, malware and spyware removal, network security, wireless network setup and pc network repair, remote technology support, and other complicated computer system issues including the despised Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

We're an entire Pc repair, Mac pc repair and Network Security service provider all in one place to serve Ashburn, VA, providing professional in-home or office on-site laptop repairs.

We can take action promptly and get you back in functioning order either the exact same day or the next day in most occasions... We take pride in possessing the knowledge and proficiency to fix your computer dilemmas quickly and competently.

Common PC repair and Wireless Network problems in Ashburn, VA:

  • Weak Performance
  • Operating System Damage
  • On-line Connections
  • Illegal Operations Faults
  • Hardware Breakdown
  • Hardware Issues
  • Freeze Ups
  • System Won't Close Down
  • Memory Problems
  • Printing Errors
  • Virus Removal Problems
  • Backup Difficulties
  • PC Network Security Issues
  • Wireless Network Problems

The Computer Geeks: We handle Laptop Repair, Mac Repair, Personal Computer Networks, Virus Removal and Spyware Removal in Ashburn, VA.

PLUS we handle Wireless Network Security and PC Network Issues! Let Our Geeks Set up Your Home or Small Business Computer PC Network.

We deliver rapid technical support on site, or by phone or email in Ashburn, VA. We often work with our clients to further enrich their computer systems in an effort to match their increasing enterprise or home pc network demands as well as to deliver selections for execution of new and widening technologies, including virus removal and spyware removal.

At GeekABC, we value sincerity, honesty, openness, personal care, constructive self-criticism, q self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are devoted to our clients and partners in Ashburn, VA and have a passion for computer repair and wireless network security know how. We take on all computer network problems, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We keep ourselves accountable to our customers, business partners, and personnel in Ashburn, VA by simply honoring our promises, producing results, and competing for the finest quality. We will be the most dependable option in Ashburn, VA for all residential and business computer networking needs. We provide both on-site and remote computer networking support. We provide you with no cost quotations and can supply an optimal networking solution for your home or enterprise computers.

Our Computer Pros Provide Exceptional Remote Mobile computer Repair for homes and businesses in Ashburn, VA.

Geek ABC specialists utilize the most advanced technology for spyware removal, malware and virus removal in Ashburn, VA. We use State of the Art ways to establish a secure link to your computer wireless network and then get rid of harmful software causing your computer to underperform.

In excess of 95% of troubles connected with personal computer failures are application problems such as viruses, spywares and malwares. We will gain access to to your laptop remotely and eliminate those annoying glitches, without needing to make a trip to your residence or company in Ashburn, VA. Computer repair solutions are implemented with remote accessibility programs by our well-trained Ashburn, VA computer professionals.

Geeks ABC will give support to you with the following features:

  • Computer problems - no need to wait to get it repaired.
  • No need to drive a car down to a service center in Ashburn, VA.
  • Receive instant service in Ashburn, VA, no delays.

When the remote laptop repair service is connected to your computer or laptop you will be able to watch the procedure in realtime simply by viewing the laptop display screen. The typical remote laptop repair session lasts 30 minutes to a couple of hours, dependent on the difficulty of the situation(s) that could be inhibiting your laptop or computer. If you've any concerns as the maintenance procedure is linked to your computer, you may get hold of us and we'll be happy to address your questions. During the entire repair period, you will see that the cursor will be moving by itself anywhere around the monitor that means the specialist is operating on your PC. You will have reassurance there is no breach of protection as everything takes place in front of your eyes.

As soon as the fix process is complete, we'll get rid of the link program entirely. Removing the connection assures that there is no ability of reconnecting to your personal computer without having If you are wondering about cost please get in touch with one of our Geeks promptly.

Once the repair procedure is complete, we will erase the connection program entirely. Stopping the connection will ensure you that there is no opportunity of reconnecting to your computer without your permission. After the repairing work is accomplished we will once again illustrate the process permitting you to know what we discovered and deleted during our investigation and how you may minimize the risk of future situations from occurring. There is no higher quality service available in Ashburn, VA. We have numerous satisfied return customers in Ashburn, VA. If you are curious about expense make contact with one of our Geeks without delay.

Our team exclusively uses the most recent and the most technologically top rated remote laptop computer repair solutions. The bottomline is, our company is a state-of-the-art remote pc repair center. Our company is 'leading edge' concerning mobile computer repair, especially in regards to remote access. We're the front runners in the industry of remote computer repair, including Mac repair.

Do you know 97% of all the wireless network security and pc network troubles and failures are caused by software and malware? We can quickly link remotely into your computer and correct it without delay.

No virus or issue is too big. Our record speaks for itself; we have now serviced thousands of people year after year.

Areas where we can be of help:

  • Enhance startup and shut down, apply Windows upgrades, make improvements to menu navigation, clean-up quick launch and taskbar and produce program shortcuts
  • Enable security procedures including antiphishing and pop-up blocker activation in all browsers.
  • Extraction of unwelcome applications and defunct software
  • Establishment of ideal user profiles (if applicable)
  • Test out and validate Personal computer hardware and software effectiveness
  • Detect functionality problems and propose the ideal solutions
  • Clear away dirt from inside of the system including fans and components
  • Clean the Desktop case exterior

Remote Access Saves You Time!

One of our most significant advantages is our capacity to remotely access your computer or laptop. We utilize ultra fast and totally risk free products that are on the front edge of the remote personal computer service technology trend. The best part quite simply you have the ability to observe us while we remotely repair your laptop or computer system; you watch everything while we are carrying out the work.

We are the Topmost Computer Repair Service in Ashburn, VA. Contact Us Now For Free Estimates and Quick, Reliable Service.

We Service Homes and Businesses Across Ashburn, VA