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Geek ABC provides on-site residential computer repair and home-networking services with 100% satisfaction. We have industry standard technicians to provide at home computer repair for PC and Mac.

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Geek ABC provides on-site computer and network setup, configuration, diagnostics, and routine maintenance and repair. We service and support DELL, HP, SonicWALL, SISCO, IBM and more.

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Geek ABC has a carefree IT Managed Service which constantly supervises the server, workstations, and devices that maintains monitors and manages the network to reduce downtime and boost productivity.

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The Trusted Choice in Ashburn, VA for PC Repair, Computer Repair, Mac Repair, Laptop Repair along with Networking and Computer Network Security in your Home or Office.

Call Us Today for a FREE Estimate on Pc Repair, Spyware Eradication or Computer Network Security for Your PC Network or Wireless Network!

Geek ABC provides state-of-the-Art computer repair service, including Mac restoration, for households and businesses in Ashburn, VA. Geek ABC laptop repair professionals have practical solutions for PC repair & wireless network security to residential as well as business Personal computer and Macintosh users. We even offer virus removal and spyware removal services. We keep your computer system, computer network including wireless network and network security, functioning.

We have been widely recognized for our remote and on-site computer repair & maintenance, including Mac pc repair,wireless network security and virus removal for both small-scale and mid-sized businesses. {Whether|If} you need support for your wireless network or computer network security, we can be of service.

Geek ABC computer repair professionals use great care for your computer repairs as well as computer network. Just call us and we will have your PC Network, even your wireless network running like new again.

We're knowledgeable and professional computer repair specialists serving in Ashburn, VA. We supply over the phone computer help to both new and current clients. Contact us today for on-site evaluations for business computer system owners in Ashburn, VA.

Dependable, Qualified and Honest desktop and laptop restoration in Ashburn, VA.

Geek ABC provides fast, trusted, at-home computer repair solutions in Ashburn, VA. Geek ABC is especially proficient in Macintosh Repair along with Pc repair, upgrading, changing and updating memory, for a variety of operating systems, hard-drives, motherboards, power supplies, software applications and processors and many other computer add-ons.

Our PC repair geeks also serve Ashburn, VA with these other computer services: data backup, data transfer, file recovery, laptop repair, virus removal, malware and spyware removal, network security, wireless network setup and pc network repair, remote technology support, and other complicated technology system issues including the hated Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

We're an entire Laptop repair, Mac repair and Network Security service provider all in one place to serve Ashburn, VA, offering knowledgeable in-home or office on-site personal computer repairs.

We will respond fast and have you back in working order either the same day or the very next day in most circumstances... We take satisfaction in having the skills and talent to remedy your computer problems promptly and efficiently.

Common PC repair and Wireless Network problems in Ashburn, VA:

  • Poor Overall performance
  • Operating System Problems
  • Internet Connections
  • Illegal Operations Errors
  • Hardware Problems
  • Hardware Conflicts
  • Computer Freezes
  • System Won't Shut Down
  • Memory Errors
  • Printing Problems
  • Virus Removal Issues
  • Backup Problems
  • PC Network Security Issues
  • Wireless Network Situations

The Computer Geeks: We handle Computer Repair, Mac PC Repair, PC Networks, Virus Removal and Spyware Removal in Ashburn, VA.

PLUS we handle Wireless Network Security and PC Network Issues! Let Our Geeks Set up Your Home or Small Business Computer PC Network.

We furnish fast technical support on-site, or by phone or email in Ashburn, VA. We regularly work with our customers to further enhance their computer systems in order to satisfy their growing business or home pc network requirements and to provide options for delivery of new and broadening technologies, including virus removal and spyware removal.

At GeekABC, we value sincerity, honesty, openness, personal care, constructive self-criticism, q self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are dedicated to our customers and business partners in Ashburn, VA and have a passion to get computer repair and wireless network security know-how. We undertake all computer network challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them all the way through. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, partners, and employees in Ashburn, VA by honoring our promises, producing results, and vying for the highest quality. We are the most trusted choice in Ashburn, VA for all residential and commercial computer networking requirements. We can provide both on-site and remote computer networking support. We supply you with free estimates and can furnish an optimum networking solution for your home or business computer systems.

Our Computer Professionals Offer Outstanding Distant Computing device Repair for homes and companies in Ashburn, VA.

Geek ABC professionals use the innovative technology for spyware removal, malware and virus removal in Ashburn, VA. We make use of state-of-the-art approaches to ascertain a secure link to your computer wireless network and then remove destructive software causing your computer to underperform.

In more than 95% of the problems associated with pc failures are software problems such as viruses, spywares and malwares. We can access to your computer remotely and erase those bothersome errors, with out having to make a visit to your home or office in Ashburn, VA. PC repair services are applied with remote access programs by our well-trained Ashburn, VA computer professionals.

Geeks ABC will assist you with the following added benefits:

  • Computer problems - no need to wait to get it fixed.
  • No need to drive the car down to a service center in Ashburn, VA.
  • Receive speedy service in Ashburn, VA, no delays.

When the remote pc repair service is hooked up to your laptop or computer you can actually see the process in real time by simply watching the computer display screen. The typical remote computer repair session lasts thirty minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the difficulty of the situation(s) that could be inhibiting your laptop. If you have any concerns as the servicing link is attached to your laptop or computer, you can get hold of us and we will be delighted to address the questions you have. Throughout the restore period, you will notice that the mouse cursor is moving independently somewhere on the monitor meaning the technician is operating on your computer. You will have assurance that there's no infringement of safety as every thing transpires on the screen in front of you.

Once the restore procedure is finished, we will remove the connection program totally. Eliminating the link will guarantee that there's no likelihood of reconnecting to your laptop or computer without Should you be wondering about expense please make contact with one of our Geeks immediately.

Once the repair session is complete, we will delete the connection program completely. Deleting the connection will reassure you that there is no possibility of reconnecting to your computer without your authorization. After the repairing work is complete we will once more tell you the process letting you know what we revealed and got rid of during our assessment and how you may inhibit future predicaments from developing. There is no greater service available in Ashburn, VA. We have countless happy return clients in Ashburn, VA. If you are wondering about price call one of our Geeks today.

Our team exclusively uses the newest and the most technically top-quality remote pc repair solutions. Simply put, our company is a state-of-the-art remote laptop computer repair center. Our company is 'leading edge' with regards to computer repair, notably when it comes to remote access. We're the leaders in the profession of remote pc repair, including Mac repair.

Did you know 97% of all the wireless network security and pc network troubles and malfunctions result from software and malware? We can quickly connect remotely into your laptop computer and repair it right away.

No virus or problem is too large. Our track record speaks for itself; we have served many customers over the years.

Areas where we can be of help:

  • Optimize start-up and shutdown, install Windows updates, improve menu navigation, cleanup quick-launch and taskbar and create program shortcuts
  • Setup security processes including anti-phishing and pop-up blocking activation in all web browsers.
  • Removal of unnecessary programs and trialware
  • Formation of needed user accounts (if suitable)
  • Test and confirm PC software and hardware efficiency
  • Identify performance complications and advise the best options
  • Get rid of dust from inside the computer including fans and components
  • Wipe down the PC case exterior

Remote Access Saves You Time!

One of our most important benefits is our ability to remotely access your laptop or computer. We utilize ultra fast and completely risk-free products that are on the leading end of the remote laptop or computer service technology trend. The best part is you have the ability to view us while we remotely repair your laptop system; you watch everything when we're doing the job.

We are the Leading Computer Repair Service in Ashburn, VA. Call Us Right Away For Free Estimates and Fast, Dependable Service.

We Service Homes and Businesses Across Ashburn, VA