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Bethesda Maryland (MD) Environmentally Friendly Computers – Green PC’s, Bethesda Maryland (MD)

These days we are all working to reduce, if not eliminate, our carbon footprint.  One way to work towards this goal is to invest in a Green (Environmentally Friendly) PC.  Green computers are designed to be environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient.  Energy efficiency is probably the biggest appeal that green computers have and most new desktops, laptops, and monitors on the market today use less power more efficiently.  This helps save the environment and the user’s money.  A smaller carbon footprint refers to how much waste and pollution is emitted into our environment, and some computer makers these days actively participate in recycling which helps to safely dispose of hazardous materials.

If you are looking to invest in a new computer and want to find the greenest, most environmentally friendly computer out there, a green laptop may be the way to go.  In general laptops use a considerable amount less electricity than the average desktop computer and the LCD monitor is extremely eco-friendly.

One place you can go to compare different models and find out which computers rate the best as far as being green is epeat.netEPEAT is the EPA’s Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool.  By using this tool you can find out which computers meet certain criteria as far as hazardous materials.  You will find that all of the electronics fall in to either a Bronze, Silver or Gold category have to meet specific required standards and the Silver and Gold rated products will also meet a certain amount of the optional criteria.

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