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Fredericksburg & Stafford & Quantico Laptop Overheating – Laptop PC Overheating, Fredericksburg & Stafford & Quantico

One of the biggest issues with laptops is that they overheat very easily.  The biggest mistake that people make when they use their laptop is that they put them on their lap, a bed, or a sofa.  The fan in a laptop is located on the bottom, so when you set it on something like your lap or sofa all you are doing is sucking up fibers and dust in to the fan.

Symptoms that you may notice if the fan in your laptop is failing is that first of all the laptop will get very hot.  You will also probably notice that you don’t hear the fan running, as it is trying to cool down the processor.  The BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) is another error you might get if your processor is overheating due to the fan failing.

If you or anyone you know is guilty of using their laptops on their laps or while laying in the bed or on the sofa, the best thing you can do is get a small laptop table to use when you don’t have an actual table available.  These are fairly inexpensive and they sit right on your lap as if it were the laptop itself, and if you ask me, they are actually more comfortable.  Usually they come with some sort of foam bottom and a hard wooden top.  They are much easier to work on and you won’t get burned by the heat that your laptop is giving off.

Here at Geek ABC we see quite a few laptops that have issues due to the fan burning out and overheating.  If you need help with something like this please feel free to give us a call.  We can help!

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