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Green Computing – Ways To Go Green With Your PC

It’s time to realize, solar panels, alternate fuel vehicles, and wind farms are conquering! The trend of going green is catching up behind us all, whether we like it or not, and we see it virtually everywhere we turn. Here at Geek ABC we promote energy conservation and green computing. Geek ABC is a locally owned computer and network support and repair company. We provide same-day, onsite computer and network support and repair for residential and business customers throughout the Washington DC metro area. Please feel free to visit us on our website,, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to set up an appointment. If you’re looking into saving a few bucks on energy bill or simply want to take part in conserving and reducing your carbon footprint, this article has a few suggestions that can help you lower power consumption and reduce paper dependency with your pc. For more information and other topics you can check out our blog at

1. First we recommend that you upgrade your computer’s hard drive to a green drive. While a vast majority of the manufacturers are increasing the wattage consumption on computer power supplies and more stream processors on video cards, never the less there are few companies like; Seagate and Western Digital that are taking a step backwards and creating hard drives that eat up less power. The idea behind green, Eco-friendly hard drives is reduced spindle speeds, like 5900 rpm, but is engineered to perform virtually on par with its faster 7200 rpm cousins. The way this is achieved is by enhancing other functions like offering 32-64mb cache buffer or utilizing the new SATA 3 interface which offers lightning-fast data transfers. These particular HD’s come in all sizes and can be used internally or made external.

2. Second is to switch to an eco-friendly power supply. The power supply of the computer is primary piece of hardware responsible for supplying majority of the power and is main power related component of the computer. Some of the companies like Antec have been releasing environmentally-friendly power supplies such as the Earthwatts 650W-series. According to Antec it still provides the correct amount of watts, as well as providing continuous, quite, reliable and stable power. The only difference is the power to other components such as the fans and circuits is reduced. It consumes approximately 33% less energy. It is an equivalent power supply with zero reduction in performance.

3. Speed up your PC. While this doesn’t sound convenient at first, having a faster pc means having a significantly reduced waiting time. Minimized waiting time can increase your productivity of what tasks you need to be accomplished and not wasting unnecessary power. By fast, I don’t mean raw CPU speed, what I really mean is keeping your computer quick by performing consistent maintenance. The computer is only as good as the amount of maintenance that it undergoes on a regular basis. One program that we recommend to help you clean up unnecessary files is CCleaner, which is free & powerful tool that moves old junk files left by browsers in your hard drive, clears the Recycle Bin, recent documents, temporary and log files, and cleans up the registry. Another good program is Puran Defrag, it not only defrags your hard drive but also organizes your boot files, so windows starts up quicker.

4. Another idea is to turn off unused peripherals connected to the computer that you don’t use on a daily basis. You can save additional power by turning off unused peripherals attached to your computer such as scanners, printers, hard drives and camera docks.

5. Set your computer to auto-shutdown. Some tasks do take time to complete and you don’t want to wait around. You can actually set your computer too automatically shut down by using free programs like Switch OFF to shut down your computer. This nifty program can be set to shut down your PC at certain durations or at a certain time of the day. For instance, if you’re waiting for a movie to finish downloading or a defrag to finish its job, you set this helpful tool to have the computer to auto shut down after two or in however many hours it’s supposed to finish in, rather than leaving it on all night. Using this neat tool allows you not to waste excess power consumption for idling after said tasks are finished.

6. Finally Quit printing stuff, or at least print only what is deemed necessary, not what you can read of your screen. You can download programs such as PDF995 or CutePDF which can virtually print your documents, webpage’s, and other files into a PDF file on your computer. This program functions like an actual printer, but instead of physically printing all types of documents such as MS word and webpage’s, they will be converted into PDF files that can be viewed and/or distributed electronically. This way the documents that are less important can be saved into PDFs and the ones deemed necessary can be printed.

Taking all these suggestions, or at least some of them, in to consideration will radically reduce your carbon footprint and shouldn’t impact your digital lifestyle with any significance. What really matters is consistency and focusing on utilities regarding your computer needs.

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