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HP PC System Recovery From Hard Drive Partition – HP Laptop Recovery From Hard Drive Partition

If you have purchased an HP laptop or computer in the past couple years you may have noticed that they don’t generally come with back up disks; instead they have a hard drive partition that includes all of the information that is needed to perform a system recovery.   This partition can also be used to create backup disks, which you should always do as soon as you bring the computer home and start it up.

In the case where you don’t have recovery disks made, using the disk partition is quite simple and here are the steps you can take to do a full system restore.

  1. Always back up important data.  Anything that you have downloaded or saved since you purchased the computer will be lost so if you have any documents, pictures or music that you want to save, it’s important to back them up on the CD’s, DVD’s or an External Hard Drive.
  2. Make sure that there are no external devices plugged in to the computer such as printers or cameras.
  3. Make sure that your computer is plugged in via the power supply
  4. To reach the recovery screen you can either tap F10 when booting the PC before Window’s Loads or you can go through the start menu: Start>All Programs>HP Tools>HP PC System Recovery
  5. Once you have gotten to the System Recovery screen there are very easy to follow instructions for each option that is listed.

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