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Laurel Maryland (MD) Flash Drive Encryption – Encrypting Your Flash Drive Data, Laurel Maryland (MD)

As the computer world has advanced so has portable data.  Computers used to have floppy drives that would allow you to store and save data, which is now obsolete.  Now we have flash drives which as smaller, faster and can hold more data.  One major downfall to this is that flash drives are so small and are easily misplaced, left behind, or worst the case scenario, lost.  Even flash drives that are equipped with keychains or on lanyards aren’t safe; they tend to fall off after a time of use.

One thing you can do to keep your data safe on your flash drives, in the case that you lose it, is to encrypt the data.  There are third party programs and software which can use encrypted archives such as ZIP files and the executable files can then be stored on the USB drive.  Some USB flash drive makers have produced a hardware based encryption as part of their design and even newer flash drives support biometric fingerprinting so that only the user can access it.

Hopefully this information will help encourage you to encrypt your data that you transfer on to your flash drives.  That way, just in case you do lose it or misplace it, nobody else can view and steal your data.

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