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Loudon County Virginia (VA) Computer Water Damage – Computer Damage Caused By Water & Other Liquid Spills

One of the biggest causes for laptop damage or computer keyboard damage is due to accidentally spilling water or other liquids on to the computer or laptop itself or on the keyboard of your desktop computer.  If you spill any type of liquid on to your laptop you risk doing damage not only to the keyboard but to the system as a whole.  The extent of the damage sometimes depends on the amount of liquid and the type of liquid that is spilled on the computer.  Diagnosing these types of issues can also be somewhat difficult.  With a regular desktop keyboard, since they aren’t extremely expensive, it’s probably better to just go ahead and replace it.  With a laptop, things get a little more difficult.  Fluid damage on a laptop keyboard could not only damage the keyboard but several other parts as well, including the motherboard.  The first thing you should do if you spill something on your laptop is to turn it off, clean up as much of the access liquid as soon as possible, turn it on its side or upside down, try to dry it out, and have it looked at by a computer professional as soon as possible to have it cleaned up.  Damage caused by liquid spilled on a keyboard is a common issue that we see and deal with here at Geek ABC.

Geek ABC is a local computer and network service and repair company.  Our computer geeks have expertise in, but not limited to, desktop and laptop computer repair, emergency data recovery, data transfer and backup, virus and spyware removal, network installation and repair (both wired and wireless), software and hardware install and upgrades, as well as remote tech support and one-on-one training.  If you are having computer troubles and need help we can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to set up an appointment.  Geek ABC provides mobile, on-site computer and network repair services for residential and business customers throughout the Washington DC Metro area.

Even something that appears as harmless as water can cause fatal issues within a computer.  It’s not the water itself that does the damage but what is in the water.  Tap and bottled water both contain minerals which allows it to conduct electricity and gives it the ability to cause corrosion.  Therefore, spilling water on your laptop can easily result in a short circuit and can eventually lead to its death.  Other liquids that are commonly spilled on computers are coffee, soda, wine, and beer.  Each of these liquids has specific ingredients that can cause specific problems.  If you spill something on your laptop or keyboard it is important that you let the person who is going to be working on it know exactly what it was and how much was spilled.

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