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The 3 most important and serious computer problems that can be avoided by using preventative computer repair measures;  Computer Data Recovery, Computer Data Security and Computer Performance problems.

Computer Data Recovery

Loosing your personal data can be nightmare.  Just about everyone at some point or another has lost some personal data on their computer, whether that computer data loss occurred at home or at work.  Anyone who has had this experience can tell you it is not a pleasant one.  There are many computer utilities that can recover your personal files from your computer, but computer data recovery is very time consuming and can be very expensive.

What can you do to protect yourself against computer data loss?

The obvious answer is to perform regular backups of your personal data on your computer.  The most cost effective and simple solution is to get an external USB drive that has computer file backup scheduling software that automates your personal data computer backups on a regular basis.

Computer Data Security

If you use wireless networking than you have a much higher risk of having your network hacked.  These days all Wireless routers come with firewalls and encryption settings that you can configure to increase your network security.  Wired networks are much more secure than wireless networks, but if someone gains physical access to your computer than you should have your personal data protected with passwords and encryption.  The simplest and most cost effective solution is once again having an external USB drive that it encrypted.  You could buy encryption software that encrypts your entire hard drive, but this software is usually very expensive and if your hard drive crashes it is very time consuming to decrypt the hard drive to recover data.

Computer Performance Problems

All computer systems will naturally degrade in performance over time.  This is unfortunately a commonly known computer fact.  There are several preventative computer measures you can take to maintain the optimum computer performance for longer durations of time.  Defragmentation of your hard drive on a monthly basis will keep your computer running faster for longer periods of time.  Be selective about what programs you download and install on your computer from the Internet.  A lot of programs that offer to speed up your computer or tune it up for you will actually slow your computer performance down.  Some of those computer utilities are actually spyware or other malicious software programs.  Install and run spyware detection software on your computer a regular basis.  There are several very good free software programs available that will not only scan for spyware, but will also provide virus protection.  Anytime you install a virus protection software on your computer you will loose some computer system performance.  This is a necessary sacrifice to prevent a much more serious computer problem later on.

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