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Hard Drive Data back-up – How to back-up Data, Vienna, McLean, Great Falls: Virginia (VA) Hard Drive Data back-up

How does Computer Maintenance and Repair affect our routine tasks?           

Think of it. What do we really accomplish these days without computers? We can blame technology or thank computers for eventually becoming a vital component of our daily lives. Computers contribute majorly towards upgrading our respective efficiency quotients in their own logical virtues. It is in fact amazing how computer tasks have gradually been woven into our routine chores and have proved themselves to be so proficient and reliable. Did I just say reliable? Yes, I said reliable. The computers are reliable if we care for them just like we care for our friends. Computers need maintenance and repairs like any other machines.

Computers best deliver when they are maintained and serviced regularly regardless of how you use yours. You’ll always notice a great deal of difference in achieving daily efficiency and general ease if you maintain your computers. Personal and professional lives today are intricate enough to puzzle an individual’s ability of prioritizing tasks and computers can certainly help to a major extent in sorting our lives out in the best logical means.

What are the symptoms of a system needing a Repair?

Slow computer, Printer not printing, virus or Spyware, computer startup problems, not connecting to the Internet, scanner not working, and the “blue screen of death

What involves Computer Services and Maintenance?

The most basic computer services and maintenance includes Data Backup or Recovery, upgrading memory, removing viruses, CPU, hard drives, and business network firewall set-ups.

While computer services may most likely require a technician’s intervention but we can certainly lessen the number of service trips for our computers to the Computer technicians if we perform a few basic rituals as our Computer maintenance tasks periodically. A few of simple maintenance measure that you can perform on own are:

  • Defragmenting the hard drive – Fragmenting can take down the performance of any computer. Defragmentation is a process of rearranging the files on a hard drive so as to bring them back in sequence or order, consequently diminishing the time it was taking to access files on your computer.
  • Scanning hard drive for errors
  • Repairing corrupt segments

What is data back-up?

Data Back-up refers to duplicating files to another medium as a preventative measure in case main hard drive stops working. Assuming that even the most reliable and advance computer fail, computer geeks suggest generating more than one backup of your data. It is important to keep one backup separate in a different location from other backup.

How to back-up data?

You can back-up data using operating system commands. You can as well invest in a backup utility which provides an offsite backup and recovery service that is efficient, secure and often affordable. A key advantage of using backup utilities is that these compress the data, therefore reducing the number of diskettes required for original data. Hence, it is important to:

  • Generate an emergency system recovery disk.
  • Produce two backups at least on removable media and store those separately.
  • Back up your system once a month.

Another efficient option for data backup is the key drive which is a key chain sized drive that has space for up to a gigabyte of data depending on the size and does not get damaged easily as any other medium like floppy disk or a CD-ROM. It is reasonably cheaper in price and easy enough to be used instantly.

What kind of data should you should back up?

Data back-up needs vary for different users. Financial and other vital information, personal library, inventory, work-related information, business records, photos and family videos, music, and other important files are the most common kind of data users save and store on their computer systems.

A data loss can occur in any system and to any user regardless of how safe you feel about your system.

What is the need of Data back-up?

Precaution is always better than cure.

Backing up data is an easy process and can save us time and provides data safety assurance in an unfortunate situation. On the other hand, data recovery is time consuming, realistically difficult and an expensive task. You still may not even have an assurance if the data will be fully recovered.

Each one of us has nearly everything saved on the hard drive. But the hard drive will eventually die. It may happen little by little when corrupt clusters build up until you discover that most of your hard drive is left unusable.

Power failure also account for data loss. Any important document that you have been currently working on can easily vanish if you did not save it before power failed and your PC shut down. Power surge can fry your motherboard and destroy the file allocation table of your hard drive.

Virus attacks are also responsible for data loss and may even delete files on an infected machine. Media downloads are likely to corrupt and cause fragmentation.

 Who I can rely on?

We are Geek ABC, a locally owned computer and network service and repair company that provides mobile, onsite computer service and repair for businesses and residents throughout Northern Virginia (VA), Baltimore Maryland (MD) metropolitan area, and Washington DC metro area.  If you have any questions our services we can be reached via our website www.geekabc.com, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  You can also check out our blog at http://geekabc.blogspot.com/ for additional information.

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