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Fairfax Virginia (VA) Pirated Software – The Risks Of Pirated Software, Fairfax Virginia (VA)

Recently we had a customer call in who had used popular website for services to find someone to come in and update her computers’ OS’s (Operating System’s) to Windows 7.  Unfortunately, for her, this turned out to be more of a nightmare than a cheap and easy way to get things done.  The version that the person installed was pirated, and not only did she lost important data but it is costing her more in the long run than had she gone out and bought the software herself and had it installed by a professional.

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Pirated software is nothing new, but for those who don’t realize what they are getting in to; using and having pirated software can cause major problems, for you and your computer.  It puts your computer and your data at great risk.  The pirated version of Windows 7 that came out before its release date had a Trojan virus, malware, and botnets attached to it, and these did serious damage to a lot of people’s computers, before they realized it.  Most antivirus software’s weren’t ready with the Window’s 7 updates; therefore there was not way for them to detect these viruses.

Some other risks that come with pirated software:

  • Often the software lacks important elements that prevent you from performing upgrades
  • No warranty protection or support
  • Putting you, your company, or the company you work for at risk for copyright infringement
  • Could be infected with viruses or other malware that could damage your hard drive or cripple your network
  • And worst of all it could lead to criminal prosecution

In the long run, making sure that your software and operating systems are legal will cost you less, even though it seems like a lot at first.

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