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Top notch customer service is very important to us!

Onsite Computer Support and Services

Choosing the best qualified top notch on-site computer repair professionals should be very important to you.

On-site Computer Repair – Geek ABC is a world class on-site computer repair service provider offering on-site computer repair for the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and beyond. We provide on-site computer repair to home computer and business computer customers and clients in Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD) and Washington, DC. Geek ABC offers FAST and PERMANENT computer repair solutions.

Geek ABC On-site Computer Repair Technicians Are A+ Certified Computer Repair Professionals.

What does A+ Certification mean? To be certified as an A+ computer repair technician you must pass technical computer certification exams that test a computer technicians knowledge of personal computer components, laptops and portable devices, operating systems, printers and scanners, networks, security, safety and environmental issues and communication and professionalism.

Is Your Home Computer or Business Computer Down? Need Your Home or Business Computer Repaired On-site FAST?


Look No Further! Geek ABC On-site Computer Repair Technicians Can Be Dispatched To You Immediately!

Why drop your home or business computer off at the shop and wait for days to get your computer back when you can have your computer repaired within minutes or hours? In some cases your home or business computer can be repaired in minutes over the phone or via Remote Desktop Support depending on the nature of the computer repair problem. Geek ABC certified computer repair professionals take pride in how fast we repair home computer and business computer problems. There is no guesswork involved when you have an experienced Geek ABC computer repair professional handling your computer repair or Network problems. All of our highly trained certified computer repair Techs have many years of professional computer repair experience.

Now Offering FREE Over The Phone Computer Repair & Technical Support For New Home and Business Customers!

If you have never tried Geek ABC before you can get FREE over the phone home and business computer support and services for 90 days. Free over the phone computer support and Remote Desktop support is available to customers in all 50 US States.
On-site Computer Repair Services From Geek ABC
On-site Computer Support (On-site Home Computer Repair, On-site Business Computer Repair)
On-site Computer Training (On-site Home Computer Training, On-site Business Computer Training)
On-site Computer Repair Services (On-site Home Computer Repair, On-site Business Computer Repair)
On-site Computer Hardware Installation (On-site Home Computer Hardware Installation, On-site Business Computer Hardware Installation)
On-site Computer Hardware Repair (On-site Home Computer Hardware Repair, On-site Business Computer Hardware Repair)
On-site Computer Software Installation (On-site Home Computer Software Installation, On-site Business Computer Software Installation)
On-site Computer Software Repair (On-site Home Computer Software Repair, On-site Business Computer Software Repair)
On-site Computer Anti-virus Program Installation (On-site Home Computer & Business Computer Customers)
On-site Computer Virus Removal (On-site Home Computer Virus Removal, On-site Business Computer Virus Removal)
On-site Computer Data Backup (On-site Home Computer Data Backup, On-site Business Computer Data Backup)
On-site Computer Data Recovery (On-site Home Computer Data Recovery, On-site Business Computer Data Recovery)
On-site Printer Installation (On-site Home Computer Printer Installation, On-site Business Computer Printer Installation)
On-site Printer Repair (On-site Home Computer Printer Repair, On-site Business Computer Printer Repair)
On-site Network Firewall Installation (On-site Home Firewall Installation, On-site Business Firewall Installation)
On-site Network Firewall Repair (On-site Home Firewall Repair, On-site Business Firewall Repair)
On-site Computer Networking (On-site Home Computer Networking, On-site Business Computer Networking)
On-site Wireless Network Setup (On-site Home Wireless Network Setup, On-site Business Wireless Network Setup)
On-site Wireless Network Repair (On-site Home Wireless Network Repair, On-site Business Wireless Network Repair)
On-site Scanner Installation (On-site Home Scanner Installation, On-site Business Scanner Installation)
On-site Scanner Repair (On-site Home Scanner Repair, On-site Business Scanner Repair)

If you don’t see your specific on-site computer repair, on-site computer installation, on-site computer networking or on-site peripheral requirement listed above please call us to find out if we offer the specific on-site technical computer repair service or other technical service that you require.

The Geek ABC knowledge base ranges from professional Help Desk Computer Repair Technicians, On-site A+ Certified Computer Repair Technicians to professional corporate level professional Network Engineers. Make the smart choice and choose a top notch customer service oriented Geek ABC on-site computer repair professional. Our customer and client on-site computer support and service range is Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD) and Washington, DC.  We now support on-site computer repair customers outside of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  Call GeekABC to find out if we now service your area.

Call Geek ABC at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.4335.222)

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