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Silver Spring Maryland (MD) Wireless (WiFi) Network Adapters – The Use Of Wireless (WiFi) Network Adapters, Silver Spring Maryland (MD)

Wireless (WiFi) network adapters give you the ability to connect your desktop computers, HDTVs, gaming consoles, blu-ray players, TiVo and much more to your existing home wireless network.

There are three basic types of wireless network adapters:

1.       Wireless Adapter Cards for your Desktop PC

2.       USB adapters for laptops and certain gaming systems

3.       Ethernet adapters for gaming console’s, Blu-ray players and HDTV’s

Wireless adapter cards are used for desktop computer’s (PC’s).   If you desktop computer doesn’t already have a wireless card built in, you can get an adapter card that allows you to connect to your wireless network, therefore eliminating all the wiring needed to connect directly to your modem and router.  If you computer does have a wireless card but it works with an older protocol than your router, you may need to add a wireless adapter card to be able to connect to your wireless network.

Wireless USB adapters are primarily used for gaming systems and laptops that don’t have built in wireless cards.  They can also be used for desktops but I suggest the adapter card if you are trying to connect your desktop to your wireless network.  Most laptops come with a built in WiFi card but due to the ever-changing standards ,from one protocol to a newer and faster protocol, older wireless cards that only support the older protocol will not work with a router that supports a newer protocol.  This issue can be solved by using a wireless adapter.

Ethernet adapters are primarily used for gaming consoles such as Xbox or for blu-ray players that don’t have a built in wireless card.  They also work well for connecting you desktop pc to your wireless network.  Ethernet adapters usually come with two parts, both have to be plugged in to an electrical socket and one will connect to your router via Ethernet cable and the other to your device via Ethernet cable.

If you currently have a wireless network set up and need help connecting your wireless accessories, Geek ABC is here to help, you can reach us via our website, www.geekabc.com, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  Our computer geeks are also here to help if you don’t already have a wireless network set up or need help with your current network.  We provide same day, mobile, in-home computer and network support and repair services for residential and business customers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

In my next blog I will talk more about the differences between the wireless network adapters, how to choose which one will work best for you and which ones to consider buying.

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