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Network Monitoring and Maintenance Support, Washington DC

An organization’s productivity is dependent on its members and constituents. The flow of communication and efficiency are two preliminary constituents of any organization. The flow of communication often depends on the extent of efficiency and the vice versa. Communication and efficiency straightforwardly depend on some kind of centralized process adapted by an organization directly meaning to ensure the system is working at its best. The only reason for having that intelligent and smart process is to ensure the efficient workability of an individual computer or multiple computers within a server at an organization. It is worth mentioning the fact we have come so far from the time of hand-written letters and type writers to texting, cell phones and those life-saving electronic mails. Life with the new advancements is easy, seems more organized and less chaotic. It can be certainly easier but with the exchange of information, both incoming and outgoing, however there has to be a security check or some kind of check like the one we have while entering any residential/office building that scans us thoroughly and ensure we are safe enough to be entering that building. Here, in this case the check refers to a self-driven computer repair or an intelligent plan or a product that in the first place scans all the information, monitors the known and unknown entities, and reports the potential and identified threats. Geek ABC has recently launched a carefree network support and monitoring solutions for the customers. Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring is such kind of product responsible for a proactive cyber surveillance and supervision.

What does Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring do?

This product performs Monitoring, Reporting and Maintenance of servers & desktops. It is a reasonably priced system for IT support, remote management, and monitoring. This product offers unrestricted technical support for the complete network infrastructure or individual desktops with the support structure specially designed to deliver a quality and reliable end-user experience. In a way, Managed Care product is a hands-free version of monitoring, reporting and maintenance. This product also can accommodate additional issue resolution depending on needs and requirements for servers at a specific organization or for just one computer.

What Managed Care products Geek ABC has launched for its different customers?

Managed Care did not necessarily have different types until Geek ABC came up with different options for its customers with specific needs, some of those are:

  1. 1.       Server Maintenance, Monitoring and Reporting
  2. 2.       Desktop Maintenance, Monitoring and Reporting
  3. 3.       Device Maintenance, Monitoring and Reporting

Server Monitoring and Reporting provides around a clock supervision of critical features within a server itself. The basic issues are going to be resolved on their own with this capability. For anything more complex needing a service, client will be notified. An on-site appointment will be scheduled once the customer is notified by the system. This kind of Managed Care Product will include automatic resolution of high end issues.

Desktop Maintenance, monitoring and Reporting states any issue that emerges out with the agent. It is included with the automatic Microsoft maintenance. This kind of Managed Care Product includes spyware and virus protection. The user does not have to constantly worry about window updates, updating virus protection / spyware. Therefore, we call it carefree network support and monitoring solution which will take an inclusive care of your computer.

Device Monitoring option helps monitor status of network devices and equipments, offering to you a graphical plan of your network operation facilitating to manage a wider network. Generally, this refers to servers and printers, and even ports. It is a proactive approach that helps reduce the amount of time users might remain affected for. These usually work for local and remote monitoring on a connected network.

What are the features of Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring?

For Managed Care (Desktop), some of the main features are listed below:

  • 24×7 Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Spyware and Virus protection with automatic updates and scans as needed.
  • Automatic Microsoft updates.

For Managed Care (Server), some of the main features are listed below:

  • 24×7 Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Automatic Microsoft updates.
  • Spyware protection with automatic updates.
  • Anti-virus protection and updates.


What are the advantages of using this product?

Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring has a range of advantages. Some of those are listed below:

  1. Carefree Protection and Maintenance.
  2. From a business point of view, this product relieves the staff from a tedious and time consuming routine maintenance and hence helps the organization components in turn to focus on working out business strategies, rather than solving the technical mysteries of their systems.
  3. Faster response time.
  4. This product also helps reduce the amount of time any organization would indulge in for the related tasks. Therefore, this can help an organization proactively plan tasks and allot

resources to a strategic business development act.

  1. Fixed-fee support arrangement to address all significant infrastructure requirements.
  2. It can be easily accommodated into a budget for its reasonable fees and predictable costs.
  3. The hands-on and down to business maintenance help prevent system issues before they arrive due to a constant monitoring. This avoids any network downtime.

The only limitation associated with using Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring is that it can only be implemented to Microsoft and Linux but not to Apple computers.

What are the parameters associated with using this product in terms of company size (Numbers of computers, users at an organization etc.)?

Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring product can cater to clients and companies with just a single computer to those with as many computers. This feature assigns Managed Care product with flexibility, inclusiveness, versatility and unlimited technical support.
What type of report this product can generate in turn to be sent to the customers?

  1. Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring product can contribute to achieving productivity for various departments in an organization with the help of reporting issues over time as been opted by the organization.
  2. Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring product is capable of producing inventory reports of their computers.
  3.  Managed Care – Network Support, Maintenance and Monitoring product can also generate reports that in turn can help IT staff track any hardware changes.

Who can you rely on and how can we help you?

We are Geek ABC, a locally owned computer and network service and repair company that provides mobile, onsite computer service and repair for businesses and residents throughout Northern Virginia (VA), Baltimore Maryland (MD) metropolitan area, and Washington DC metro area. Geek ABC Springfield VA Computer Repair company provides onsite computer repair, laptop and PC diagnostic service and repair, data recovery and other technical services. If you have any questions our services we can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  You can also check out our blog at for additional information.

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