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Overheating Desktop Computer – How to repair an overheating Desktop Computer, Bethesda MD Computer Repair, Bethesda Maryland

Imagine a long working day, running those unavoidable errands amidst the tight schedule, picking-up kids at schools, making a detailed-trip to grocery store and then finally the moment of euphoria when you see the first glimpse of your street address. Your abode is waiting for a knackered you.  Machines are no different. Machines behave the same way when put through a rigorous use. They don’t feel knackered; they just get heated-up. This applies to your vacuums, cell-phones, washing-machines, dryers, blow-dryers, hair straightners, I-pads, and even computer systems. Though ever machine bears some significant value in our lives, the measure of our dependency on computers is vast is an understatement.

Any desktop computer can heat up if been use for a while or after a constant use. It starts to shut down on its own without any logical instruction by user. The heat generated after a constant use is thrown away through the medium of air vents by natural convention or forced convention. Fixing the overheating computers should be taken into consideration straight away since those can cause computer problems like blue screens to data loss.

What are the causes of Overheating Computers?

There can be a range of reasons accountable for Overheating computers. A bad design can be one prime reason for a computer that is experiencing overheating. Generally, electric elements are placed on inventive fin designs that accommodate the dissipation of heat. It has been observed that gaming can also induce overheating in a computer. Moreover, any act of intense multi-tasking on your computer compels the CPU function at high capacity resulting in a higher amount of heat release. Another major reason for an overheating computer can be its long-drawn-out use without any break. This does not allow

Self- diagnosis of a problem computer at home may take some valuable time and energy to understand the exact cause of computer overheating. However, Geek ABC can help you with your professional service quest for Computer Repair Bethesda companies.

What are the signs of Overheating Computers?

The signs and symptoms though depend upon the make and model of computer in relation to the installed operating system. However, there are a few common ones which can help users to know instantly that their computers are overheating due to different potential reasons. One may observe that on starting-up or in between, the computer might produce a beeping sound or will just start shutting down on its own without any logical instruction by the user.

Another symptom and recurring memory errors are other signs of an overheating computer. A simple way to for the problem symptom is looking out for fan operation.

How to repair an overheating computer?

The first and foremost solution is to bring this computer issue to its manufacturer if your computer is still under a warranty. The warranty generally covers most computer problems within an obvious period of time. If the computer system is in under warranty, it is most likely that the brand manufacturer will either repair the computer or else will provide customer with another new machine, if the prior option is not practical.

It is advisable to check for dust and dirt as a DIY initiative for repairing the overheating computer. Dust and dirt can start building-up inside the computer components and can reduce the airflow that in turn can slow down or obstruct the fans to perform or perform at all. Therefore, it is important to get rid of any dust or dirt.

While some other source may advise to take the casing cover off your computer in order to improve ventilation, we recommend avoiding repairing your computer that way. Though it may really improve ventilation, it cannot make up to be a logical way of avoiding or preventing computer overheating since it leaves the computers inside exposed.

A self-attempting computer repair initiatives like disassembling computer to treat computer problems like over-heating should be avoided at home. But if you must, you should have adequate familiarity with the subject. However, disassembling the computer can cease the warranty agreement and the computer may not qualify to be repaired under warranty. Therefore, it is always advisable to either seek help from the computer’s brand manufacturer or else seek a professional computer repair company’s help. Geek ABC is one such company providing Bethesda Computer Repair services and other IT services across MD, Northern VA and DC.

Who can you rely on?

We are Geek ABC, a locally owned Bethesda MD Computer Repair and network service company that provides mobile, onsite computer service and repair for businesses and residents throughout Northern Virginia (VA), Baltimore Maryland (MD) metropolitan area, and Washington DC metro area.  If you have any questions our services or you are looking for a Computer Repair Bethesda MD company we can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment. You can also check out our blog at for additional information.

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