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Computer running slow – How to make Computer Run Faster Fairfax Virginia (VA)

I thought of writing this blog while lately having experienced myself the amount of frustration and disappointment with a slow computer. Life is easy until the day your computer starts to behave devious and operates very slow. This can become frustrating as we all perform our daily tasks being entirely dependent on Computer. Hypothetically or literally, life gets slower if our computer gets slower.

Why does your computer run slow?

It is very logical for a computer to get slow while multitasking for its users. The multitasking includes copying, moving and deleting files from one location to the other. The data on the computer in its due course gets collected with the extra files and occupy valuable disk space. Now, since you have had a limited amount of disk space available on your computer’s hard drive, the computer in a way has started to fight back to create more space to perform functions.

The other reason behind the slow speed of any computer can be its processor. Numerous programs running simultaneously on a computer like downloading a file from the internet, while as well trying to perform another task like watching a documentary on the media player or accessing Microsoft Office can also contribute towards slowing down the processor.

Graphic Card (Video Card) can also be a reason behind the reduced performance of your computer.  Graphic cards are responsible for managing the visual data. Investing in a graphic card with a reasonable memory while trying to keep the nature of audio/visual task you may expect your computer to perform will increase the amount of visual data that can be stored on the computer.

Corrupt Operating System (OS) is another cause for a slow computer.

Harmful applications like malware and viruses form another common cause for a slow computer.

Hard drive fragmentation if has been caused up to a big extent can also make up to be reason enough for your computer’s poor performance.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a provisional memory needed by the computer to carry out its calculations.  In case the memory is not enough, it will affect the computer’s speed while trying to run a couple of programs together.

What are the signs and symptoms of a Slow Computer?

Below mentioned are a few symptoms of a slow computer:

  • It takes a lot of time while starting up.
  • On an attempt to open a new window, it is taking much longer than usual time to open one up. Also, there will be instances when a number of windows will start opening–up on their own.
  • Pages hang-up and take a long time to load. The “green bars” that constantly progresses-up to confirm to the user the extent of the page that has been loaded so far gets stuck nearly to the completion and doesn’t move further. Of course, the page stops to load!
  • The browser will time-out even before a page can load completely.
  • Anti-virus installed on the system runs continuously and slows your computer down.
  • It literally has become very difficult to access the internet.
  • Scrolling down the page is not always possible. It works when it feel like working.
  • The applications hang-up.
  • The system freezes like it will never be working again.

 What are the steps of a Slow Computer?

  • You should reboot your computer as the intialmost step when you set yourself up for a “Computer-Fix-up” mission. In order to confirm if the computer is physically working fine, you might would want to Run Scan Disk. It can be a long process and may take upto several hours to finish-up depending on the size of the user’s hard drive.
  • It will also be useful if you can Run Defrag to help the correct arrangement of data.
  • Upgrading RAM is a simpler task aiming towards making your computer more manageable and quicker. In this process sometime, the old memory gets removed and new memory gets placed in the slot.
  • Physical problems and unknown damages can also build up to be a potential reason for a slow computer. Also, there can be dust building up preventing the cooling fans from doing their job, resultantly making the computer get hot.
  • It is a good practice to periodically clean-up your computer of all those unwanted and unused files that are just sitting inside the system and occupying some valuable space without any purpose.
  • It will also be useful to getting rid of malicious programs and applications by incorporating use of security products like SonicWALL.

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 Who I can rely on?

We are Geek ABC, a locally owned computer and network service and repair company that provides mobile, onsite computer service and repair for businesses and residents throughout Northern Virginia (VA), Baltimore Maryland (MD) metropolitan area, and Washington DC metro area.  If you have any questions our services we can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  You can also check out our blog at for additional information.

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