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Dreaded Blue Screen – Blue Screen of Death, Springfield VA Computer Repair, Springfield, Virginia

A few things in the world can be more wobbly than they appear or they sound. It can be your car, your stairway, your neighborhood, your boss or your best friend. My idea of writing this blog is not to establish some controversy into your mind but it is simply to make you more familiar with the things we love to take for granted. Therefore, I am attempting my blog on one dreaded computer problem and not on how to become deal with frenemies.

My choice of writing is to a great extent dependent on the number of computer issue related phones we receive at Geek ABC, a Computer Repair Springfield, VA company that provides PC Repair services. There are reasonably a large number of customers at Geek ABC encounter this weird problem of Blue Screen. Some are able to describe it well, while some just sound frustrated with their Computers’ windows freezing entirely and they are left facing Blue Screen. It is almost a situation of cyber helplessness.

Only a Computer Repair Technician now knows the evil behind this Blue Screen. It is just important to understand at any point you see a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that it is almost one of the most fatal computer problems to happen to a computer machine.

What is Blue Screen of Death?

It is an error stage generated in the form of a blue colored screen by the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Blue Screen is also known as Stop Error or a Bug Check. Blue Screen is a critical error, can be recovered in most of the cases and causes the machine to crash. It surfaces up in the case of Windows crash or windows lock-up. There is more meaning believed to be attached to Blue Screen Error. Blue Screen conveys the error and with its blue color, it is believed to leave a calming-effect on its users in case of system crash.


What causes Blue Screen of Death?

Blue Screen can be caused because of particular issues within the operating system. It can also be memory issues, corrupt DLL files or unstable registry.  Please, find below a brief list of potential reasons behind a Blue Screen.

  • A Faulty Hardware can make up to be a potential reason for Blue Screen. A newly replaced hardware that is not supported by the existing Windows. There are times when the user removes hardware during Windows malfunction and places a new one instead that in turn causes a Blue Screen.
  • Similarly, a Recently Installed Software if installed in the same way as a few Antivirus software are installed causes a Blue Screen.
  • A Faulty Random Access Memory (RAM) may also contribute to Blue Screen.
  • Bad Clusters or Corrupt System Files on the Hard Drive can also cause Blue Screen to occur.
  • USB Drives or Memory Sticks which are not updated, older versions, or are infected may cause a Blue Screen.
  • Incompatibility between hardware and software
  • Blue Screen Error can as well be generated due to an Over-heated Computer or Processor. A few minor details like dust and dirt accumulates and starts building-up on hardware, taking almost all the possible ventilation opportunities away from the Computer.
  • A Corrupt Hard Drive can also be a reason behind Blue Screen. It is quite common to resort to the last alternative reinstalling Windows in case of unrecoverable errors. You will not realize that may cause Blue Screen to occur too.


How can you prevent or repair Blue Screen of Death?

Prevention is better than cure. Let us just minimize any possibility in the first place to expect Blue Screen occurrence. Unfortunately if you encounter Blue Screen, please follow the steps below whichever you may find applicable.

  • In case of Hardware Errors, the only option most likely is to observe what new entity you introduced to your computer hardware during a DIY computer repair act that has caused Blue Screen. Please, try to observe how your computer hardware was before. This computer repair technique will also be applicable in the Blue Screen caused by the introduction of new software to the machine.
  • If you doubt recently installed software to be one of the reasons for your Computer’s Blue Screen, you may choose to uninstall the same software. This Computer Repair step is reasonably easy and can be performed by accessing Control Panel (in case you can login your system) START menu and by opting for Add/Remove Programs.
  • For the Blue Screen error that is believed to have been infused in the system because of a faulty or corrupt memory stick, please try to remove or replace RAM out of the slot and push them back into the  slot firmly to avoid having them ended burnt accidently.
  • Blue Screen error caused because of processor overheating can be prevented by vacuuming or brush cleaning the inside of computer hardware to avoid any kind of ventilation blockage and enable a reasonable air flow.
  • Please, remember to update the driver for the USB Drives to minimize any occurrence of Blue Screen.
  • Please, arrange for Error Checking of a corrupt segment if Blue Screen occurred arbitrarily and you believe the reason for this unfortunate situation were bad clusters or corrupt system files.


Who can you rely on and how can we help you?

We are Geek ABC, a locally owned computer and network service and repair company that provides mobile, onsite computer service and repair for businesses and residents throughout Northern Virginia (VA), Baltimore Maryland (MD) metropolitan area, and Washington DC metro area. Geek ABC Springfield VA Computer Repair company provides onsite computer repair, laptop and PC diagnostic service and repair, data recovery and other technical services. If you have any questions our services we can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  You can also check out our blog at for additional information.

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