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Washington DC Intel Vs. AMD – Intel Vs. AMD Computer Processors, Washington DC

Intel (Integrated Electronics Corporation) and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are the two leading manufacturers of computer processors today.  Both chips share a world of similarities but they are also very different.   Approximately 90% of the computers that we see in our business have Intel processors but that doesn’t mean that AMD isn’t just as good.  I think mostly it’s a user preference because both processors seem to work just as well under the same constraints.  The main difference between the two processors is price.  AMD tends to be quite a bit cheaper than its competition.  One factor that causes Intel to have higher prices is that they have significantly larger amount of Level 2 cache memory.  This is the memory that the processors place their data in to for faster access.  AMD makes up for this though through providing a more efficient data transfer technology.  AMD has integrated a memory controller which decreases the distance the data has to travel from the cache.

In my experience, I have used both processors and as where I prefer Intel, there are many people out there who prefer AMD.  A lot of video gamers prefer AMD because they can overclock the CPU whereas with Intel it’s not quite as easy.  Unless you have the proper CPU cooling unit, we don’t recommend that you overclock the CPU because you can burn out the processor.  In my opinion it’s cheaper to buy a higher performance CPU over attempting to overclock a lower performing CPU.

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