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Washington DC Web Browsers – Internet Browser History, Washington DC

Over the years a number of Web (Internet) Browsers have surfaced.  Most people would probably recognize Netscape Navigator, released in 1994, as being their first experience with web browsers and the most commonly used browser during the 90’s, yet today you hardly ever  hear about it.  At its height, Netscape accounted for 90% of all Web use.  In 1995 Microsoft responded to Netscape’s boom by releasing Internet Explorer and by bundling it with Windows they became the dominating Internet browser.  This became the browser war in the industry.

Other browsers have been released over the years but with less popularity.  One of these is Opera, released in 1996, which is becoming more popular due to its share in the mobile phone web browser market.  Opera is also the main search engine embedded in the Wii game console.

In 1998 Netscape reintroduced itself in to the market by launching what would become its Mozilla Foundation.  As most of you know and most likely use, Firefox has become one of the most popular Web browsers today but it is slowly declining because Internet Explorer which has reinvented itself this year and has launched a new Internet browser.

Two other Web browsers that you may be familiar with are Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome.  Both which have become more popular over the past year and will continue to gain popularity as the war battles on.

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