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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing for Business

Today, cloud computing is more prevalent than ever before thanks to advances in new technology. Companies of all sizes are now using cloud computing for their businesses and this trend will only continue to develop over the foreseeable future. The benefits of cloud computing are certainly considerable and for medium to large size businesses and corporations, there may be no turning back.

However, cloud computing does have its downsides which is especially true for smaller businesses that are still growing, so business owners need to research and evaluate before making the final decision. What follows are a list of advantages and disadvantages that cloud computing possesses.


There are certainly a number of advantages that cloud computing provides. This is especially true for businesses that have a massive amount of data storage and want to spread their resources around the world.

Virtually Unlimited Storage Capacity: Arguably the most well known of all the advantages cloud computing has to offer, the unlimited storage capacity is due to the fact that the cloud system operates over many servers at once. Any concerns about running out of storage space are long gone thanks to the cloud.

Backup Options: With all of your data stored on the cloud, it is far easier to back it up and restore lost information than ever before. This is because most cloud computing companies have programs which can retrieve lost information in case the worst should happen to your system. Compared to traditional methods of storage, the cloud system offers many advantages with simplicity of service being the most relevant.

Inexpensive: Arguably the most cost efficient system of computing available, at least in terms of maintenance, upgrading and daily use. This is because standard desktop software costs a considerable amount of money, especially in licensing fees for multiple users which can prove to be quite expensive over time.

However, cloud computing is far cheaper with lower rates so you can better control your IT expenses. Plus, there are plenty of cloud programs that only require a single payment, are scalable to the system you own or have no-contract and pay-as-you-go plans. Overall, a cloud system for larger businesses can save a considerable amount of money.

Great Accessibility: Next to storage, the most noted ability of cloud computing is the ability to access the information from different sources. Whether at your desk or with your mobile device, all you need is an internet connection and you are hooked into the cloud and can access all of the information that is stored.

Software Integration: Unlike traditional storage systems, software integration in cloud computing is automatic. This means that far less time is spent trying to integrate different systems when the cloud is designed to handle them all at once. Plus, you can customize your options as well quite easily, making this one of the best ways to integrate all of your new software.

Integrated Deployment: When new software is installed, it now applies to all of your computing devices. This means that your entire system can be upgraded in a few minutes and is ready to go. Compare that to traditional desktop computing where depending on the number of computers it may take days for that to occur.


Although many of these advantages are certainly impressive, there are a number of disadvantages as well. For those who are considering purchasing a cloud computing system, everything needs to be taken into account first before the final decision is made.

Dysfunction: One big issue with cloud computing is that any dysfunction that affects one computer essentially affects the entire system. Despite very high standards and excellent maintenance, cloud computing is still vulnerable to breakdowns. This means that you will need an excellent internet provider to keep things running smoothly and fix problems quickly. Otherwise, you will be running into some serious issues that may affect the entire system.

Security: Arguably the biggest disadvantage is related to one of the best advantages to cloud computing, accessibility. Because there are so many different devices that can access the system, it makes it harder to keep out hackers. Plus, all of your company’s sensitive information will be in the hands of a third-party provider, so you will need to have the best, most reputable company handling that aspect of your information. They will also need excellent security functions as well to prevent hackers from breaking in. For the provider, their security systems need to be top notch in order to protect your valuable information.

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing puts you in a better position to make the decision about whether to use it or not. In essence, if you run a very small business that only uses a few computes, then it’s probably not worth it. However, if you run a medium to large size business that is growing, then having cloud computing is a must in order to stay on top.


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