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Rockville Maryland (MD) Computer Video Cards – PC Graphics Card, Rockville Maryland (MD)

There are two ways that your computer can create video.  One is with integrated video and the second is with a video card, also known as a graphics card.  A video card is a component inside your computer that is responsible for converting the binary code from the CPU into a picture that can be viewed on your monitor.

Integrated video is a chip that is built into the motherboard.  Older systems tend to have integrated video because it is less expensive.  The downside to integrated video is that it tends to give a poorer quality of picture and it can slow down the system considerably because it relies on the systems memory and CPU to run.

Video or Graphics Cards plug directly into an expansion slot on the motherboard of the PC and they can use various slots like PCI, PCI Express or AGP.  Newer video cards also come with their own memory, graphics processing unit (GPU), and their own cooling fan.  Therefore they can run faster, produce higher quality pictures, and tend not to fail as frequently.  The four main components to a video card that are responsible for creating a 3-D image out of binary code are the memory, a processor, a connector to the motherboard, and a connector to the monitor.  They are also responsible for adding light, texture, color, and filling in remaining pixels.  Some graphics cards only have a single port that is used to connect to your monitor, but with the advancement of video games today, you can find quite a few video cards that have multiple ports for additional TV’s or monitors.  These ports include VGA (Video Graphics Array), used for your standard CRT monitor, VIVO (Video In/Video Out), and DVI (Digital Video Interface), which is used for connecting LCD monitors.

Another thing to consider is that if you plan on watching DVD’s or playing the most up-to-date computer games, a good graphics card is the answer.  Most of the games today are too much for integrated video to handle and chances are they won’t even load.

If you have any questions about what type of video capabilities you have on your computer, if you are having trouble with your current video card, or if you are interested in installing a new graphics card, Geek ABC is here to help.  We are a local computer and network service and repair company with expertise in the area of video cards as well as many others.  We can be reached via our website or you can give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) for more information or to schedule an appointment.  We provide same day, onsite computer and network repair and service.

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