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***We provide onsite Computer Repair and Network Support for home and business in VA, MD and DC. Please, call us toll free 877-433-5222 or fill out the Service Request Form to schedule an appointment. We have put a blog below that you may find useful knowledge about computers, services and products.***

Computer Repair Arlington, VA – Did you know that Arlington is the birthplace of the internet?  “The  Defense Department Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) built the Interface Message Processor (IMP) to carry data to and from different specialized computers mostly in the U.S. university community. DARPA created ARPANET, which was the fore runner to the internet as we know it today.”  And with the birth of the internet came the boom of computers.

Arlington is also home to a great number of government and military employees. Many people detailed on business to the Washington DC area stay in Arlington.

Whether you are planning on traveling to Arlington for business or pleasure, most people these days travel with their laptops and other various electronics.  I don’t know if you have experienced a computer issue or failure during your travels but I sure have and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.  Here at Geek ABC we will come to you to help solve your computer issues.  All you have to do is call and one of our experienced, certified computer professionals will be on the way to help save the day!

Call Geek ABC at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222)

Geek ABC’s computer repair technicians are experienced A+ certified computer professionals.

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