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***We provide onsite Computer Repair and Network Support for home and business in VA, MD and DC. Please, call us toll free 877-433-5222 or fill out the Service Request Form to schedule an appointment. We have put a blog below that you may find useful knowledge about computers, services and products.***

Arlington County Virginia (VA) Data Back Up – The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data, Arlington County Virginia (VA)

Have you ever considered the financial ramifications of a computer crash?  It wasn’t until recently when a customer came in with her daughter’s computer, which had crashed, looking for us to recover her pictures and music, that I really thought about it.  Here at Geek ABC our geeks (computer professionals) have expertise in data recovery among many other things.  We are a local computer network and repair service company that provides same-day in-home computer network and repair services.  If you have questions we can be reached via our website or you can give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) for more information or to schedule an appointment.

We tend to keep massive amounts of data on our computers much of which is irreplaceable.  Those of us who have iTunes libraries usually have thousands of songs and if you computer crashes and you haven’t backed up your data, that’s thousands of dollars down the drain.  I know that when you purchase songs they are only $0.99 and at the time it doesn’t seem like that much money but when you look at the amount over a period of time it becomes hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of music.  I know that when I think about it in those terms I would be devastated to lose that amount of money.

Another reason to consider backing up your data is for your photos and home videos.  With most of us using digital cameras these days it’s likely that you have a lifetime of memories stored on your computer.  I had a situation a few years back where I had gone to Europe and had taken numerous family pictures only to have my camera stolen.  I hadn’t even had a chance to download the pictures and it was devastating to lose those memories of the trip thus far.  Can you imagine losing all of the photos that are saved on your computer because of a simple crash?  Something you could have prevented if you had backed up your data.

In a previous post about Data Back Up I touched on all of the different types of data back up that there are and so it then comes down to deciding which one works best for you.  There are multiple options out there as far as data back up.  There are online data backup services, you can invest in an external hard drive, or you can back up your data on to CD’s, DVD’s, or Flash Drives.  Again, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) or visit our website for more information.  We are also here to help assist in data recovery if your computer does happen to crash.

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