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Arlington Virginia (VA) Bluetooth Technology – Using Bluetooth Technology, Arlington Virginia (VA)

It’s about time we are able to say “so long” to all of our wired devices.  With Bluetooth technology we can use many of our smaller electronics without needing a wired connection.  With the sole intention of replacing the cables for fixed and or portable electronics, Bluetooth has the market.  Using short wavelength radio transmissions, Bluetooth is a wireless technology for sending and receiving data.  Bluetooth technology makes transferring data between devices simple and secure.  Because Bluetooth technology only sends and receives info within your PAN or Personal Area Network, your data is secure.  Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters or 33 feet.

Many of our electronic devices today have Bluetooth technology built in making it easier to do things such as print from our computers or laptops with out having a wired connection, talk on our mobile phones using a wireless headset, and connecting our phones to our cars or GPS navigation systems for hands free talking.  There are even wireless mouse’s and keyboards that use Bluetooth technology so that you don’t have as many wires for your PC or you can connect them with your laptop when you are on the go.  Bluetooth technology has actually made wireless communications easy and fun.  Some of the companies that use Bluetooth technology in their devices are Ericsson, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cannon, Motorola, Nokia, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple, and TiVo.

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Geek ABC’s computer technicians provide FAST, mobile, in-home computer support and repair services.  Geek ABC technicians are experienced in working with both PC’s and Mac’s.  We have expertise in upgrading and replacing memory, operating systems, hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, software, and processors as well as many other computer peripherals. Our computer geeks specialize in data backup, data transfer, data recovery, computer repair, laptop repair, virus removal, spyware and malware removal, network security, wireless network setup and repair, remote tech support, as well as other complicated issues such as the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

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