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Most Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows-

Most people use the right click button on their mouse to perform various functions, but did you know there are keyboard shortcuts for Windows that you can use instead?  This can often cut the time it takes to do something in half.  Below is list of the most commonly used shortcuts that we suggest everyone get to know and use:

(To use any of these combination’s you have to remember to hold the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift key down and strike the letter key)

Ctrl + C Copies the Selection to the clipboard Ctrl + V Paste – Inserts the content of the clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut – Removes the selection from the active document and places it on the clipboard Ctrl + N Opens a new Word document
Ctrl + S or F12 Saves the active document Ctrl + F Find – to search for specific text in an active document
Ctrl + P Prints the active document Ctrl + O To open a previously saved document
Ctrl + A Selects all text and graphics in the active window Ctrl + W Closes the active window but does not exit word
Ctrl + B Bold – formats the selected text to bold or to remove bold Ctrl + Z Undo the last action, can be repeated several times
Ctrl + I Italic – formats the selected text to italic or to remove italic Ctrl + U Underline – formats the selected text to underline or to remove underline
Ctrl + Y Redo – after an action has been undone it can be reinstated to the document Alt + F4 Exit – closes Microsoft Word
Alt + Tab Quickly switch between open programs F1 Opens Word Help
Ctrl + left arrow/right arrow Moves the cursor one word at a time Ctrl + Home/End Moves the cursor to the beginning or the end of a document

For Highlighting Text:

Shift + left arrow/right arrow Highlights one character to the left or right Ctrl + Shift + left arrow/right arrow Highlights an entire work from the beginning or the end

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