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Bethesda Maryland (MD) Computer Sound Cards – PC Sound Cards, Bethesda Maryland (MD)

The sound card on your computer or PC is an internal component that is used to process audio files so that you can play them back through your computer, either with speakers or headphones.  Sound cards are also known as audio cards or sound boards and they can either be expansion cards or integrated into the motherboard of your PC.  Most people these days are looking for the best sound possible or 3-D sound so they usually purchase a separate sound card and disable the integrated sound.

Sound cards can come with a number of different jacks or ports which are used to plug in various peripherals such as speakers, headphones, MIDI (Musical Instrumental Digital Interface) keyboards and other instruments, joysticks, and microphones.  They are usually color coded and labeled for easy installation.

There are two different types of sound cards that you can get for your computer.  The first is an ISA sound card.  They are usually found in older systems and are cheaper than their new counterpart, PCI.  PCI sound cards have quite a few advantages over ISA such as higher quality, MIDI hardware support, line out connections for home stereo equipment, and their compatibility with SoundBlaster.

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