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Washington DC Netbooks vs. Laptops – The Differences Between Netbooks And Laptops, Washington DC

With the increasing need for speed and mobility, there has been some debate over whether one should invest in a netbook or a laptop.  Here at Geek ABC we strive to provide you with the best information we can to help make your computer and device decisions easier.  You can reach us via our website,, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  We provide same day, mobile, in-home network support and repair services for residential and business customers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Netbooks are designed primarily for surfing the internet and sending and receiving email.  They are smaller, usually with a 7” to 10” screen, and lack optical drives which allow them to have longer battery life and are much lighter than the average laptop.  Most netbooks, these days, have Solid State Drives (SSDs) instead of Hard Disk Drives, which have smaller capacity but no moving parts which should and help to increase battery life and speed.  Netbooks have slower processors than laptops which can decrease productivity, but you have to always keep in mind that they aren’t meant to perform the complex tasks that you can with a laptop.  Netbooks are made for portability, they are smaller, lighter, have a longer battery life, and come equipped with internal wireless cards that allow you to get on the internet anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection, but because they are made for specific functions, you lose in speed and productivity.  Also due to the lack of optical drives and faster processors, netbooks tend to be quite a bit cheaper than laptops but they are much more portable.  Netbooks, for the most part, get about 6 hours of use before needing to charge them.

Laptops on the other hand do have optical drives and have a dual or quad-core processor which makes them fast but they hare much heavier and more expensive.  This also takes away from their battery life so you can only get a couple hours of use before having to charge them.  Laptops are made to work and perform just as your desktop computer at home, just a portable version.  They provide many more capabilities than netbooks when it comes to doing more than surfing the internet or email but they are quite a bit bigger, starting at 14″ and are much heavier.

Basically it comes down to what you need it for.  With a netbook you will sacrifice speed and productivity for portability but that might work if you only need it for basic things.

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