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A Web or Internet browser is a software application used for retrieving, interpreting and displaying information and data from the World Wide Web, also known as the Internet.  In a previous blog I talked a little bit about the history of Web browsers, also known as Internet browsers, and how they have evolved over the few years.  The Internet browser war that was pretty much started between Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer has been going on for years now and it’s interesting to watch the trends to see which browsers that people use.

I recently looked over some data that we collected that shows what Internet browsers people are using when they visit our website.  The most popular Web browsers that consumers use right now are Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.  In March 2010 it was clear that IE was the most commonly used browser by our website visitors with a usage of 65.11%, and were huge gaps between the rest of the browsers with Mozilla’s Firefox at 24.56% usage, Google’s Chrome at 6.63% usage, Safari at 3.51% usage and Opera with only .19% of usage by our visitors.

In July the tables started to turn and Firefox took the lead with 42.94% of visitors using it as their primary browser and IE dropped all the way down to 37.5%.  Chrome doubled its usage going up to 11.69% as well as Safari, up to 6.85%, and Opera to .81% usage.  Clearly consumers have found something about Firefox that they like that they don’t get from IE and therefore they are starting to use it more.  And through October it had seemed like the percentages had leveled out seeing as they remained pretty much the same with IE at 37.35%, Firefox at 38.79%, Chrome at 11.28%, Safari at 11.35% (doubled since July), and Opera at .34%.

Now as we reach the end of the year we take a look at December’s numbers and things have totally changed.  Firefox has clearly taken the lead with 54.79% of our website visitors using it and only 13.33% of our visitors are using IE.  Google Chrome has actually passed IE in the browser war, at least amongst our visitors, with 25.55% of our visitors using it.  Safari actually dropped down to 5.38% and Opera stayed pretty much the same with .40%.

Internet Explorer may be on the rise with its newest version being released at the end of this year but it seems like people really like the more simple browsers like Firefox and Chrome.  We will take a look at the data again in a couple of months and see where we are.  I am curious to see where the browser war takes us.

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