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Guide to Creating Strong Passwords -

These days, in the age of computers, it’s important that we protect our information.  We rely on our PC’s for just about everything and therefore making sure that nobody can hack in and steal our information is important.  Identity theft has gotten all too popular and nobody wants to fall victim to it.  The best thing you can do to protect your information is to password protect everything, and these days we have to use passwords for just about every website and software application we use, especially in the work place.  Here are some guidelines to follow when creating strong passwords:

1.  Your password should contain at minimum 6 to 8 characters

2.  Your password must be alphanumeric; containing at least:

a.  One number

b.  One special character

c.  Both lower and uppercase letters

3.  You should never use personal details (birthdays, house numbers, first or last names, children’s names)

4.  Don’t use the same password for more than 90 days

5.  Never write your password down and keep it

One guideline I try to follow when creating my password is to exchange certain letters for characters.  For example:

1.  Using @ instead of a

2.  Using ! instead of i

3.  Using $ instead of s

4.  Using 0 (zero) instead of o

5.  Inserting a character such as % in the place of a space

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