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Montgomery County Maryland (MD) BIOS Password – Resetting Your Computers BIOS Password, Montgomery County Maryland (MD)

BIOS or the Basic Input/Output System is a built in application that verifies the system before accessing the hard drive.  To ensure accessibility when disk failure occurs, BIOS are located within ROM chip.

There are some BIOS’s that allow you to require a password a password to be entered before your system will boot and others allow you to require a password to be entered before the BIOS setup can be accessed.  If you happen to forget this password and need to reset it, there are three main ways you can go about this.

The first way is with the manufacturer supplied software.

The second way is to remove the battery for the CMOS memory, which is next to the motherboard, for at least 30 seconds, causing it to lose all CMOS information, including the BIOS password.  This battery allows the CMOS memory to maintain its information even when the computer is powered off.  Sometimes this battery is soldered to the motherboard, so that leaves us with one more option.

Somewhere on the motherboard is a jumper that will also reset or clear the BIOS password.  If the jumper isn’t labeled then you will need the motherboard documentation to find it.  Usually it is standing alone near the battery.

One thing to remember if you are planning on clearing the BIOS password with one of the last two ways, when opening and working on the inside of your computer, it is important to wear an antistatic wrist strap to avoid damage to your computer.

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