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***We provide onsite Computer Repair and Network Support for home and business in VA, MD and DC. Please, call us toll free 877-433-5222 or fill out the Service Request Form to schedule an appointment. We have put a blog below that you may find useful knowledge about computers, services and products.***

Computer Crash Recovery – A computer crash is something we all fear these days but it also seems to be something that is inevitable, random and can be quite frustrating. Computers seem to be extremely volatile these days and even still we tend to trust them with some of our most precious information.

The Top Four reasons for a computer crash are “Bad Drivers”, “Bad Power Supply”, “Corrupt Files” and “Overheating”. Other things that can cause a crash or a freeze can be the installation or update of new software, hardware or a game.

A crash can range from something as small as an application quitting on its own to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).  The BSOD isn’t so simple to figure out and most often there’s no way to resolve it without technicians who have the right tools to diagnose the exact nature of the issue, and that’s what we here at Geek ABC are here to do. The Geek ABC onsite computer repair techs are experienced computer professionals who will come to you and work around your schedule to help meet your individual needs.

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