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Is your computer running slow? -

Do you often find yourself asking “why is my computer so slow?”  Well, you’re not alone.

Here are a few things you can do yourself, in order to keep your computer running like new:

The first thing you should look at is getting rid of or deleting any files that you no longer need and back up files that you don’t use often on to DVD or CD, delete them from your hard drive, and store them in a safe place.  This will give you extra space on your hard drive and improve the performance of the OS.

Next you can remove all of the useless start up programs.  Computers these days come preloaded with a number of programs that you will never use.  Go through them and uninstall anything that you don’t need.  This will increase the speed of your computer.

Third, defragment your hard drive.  Performing a disk defragmentation on your hard drive, every so often based on usage, will organize your files and boost your computer’s speed by approximately 20%.

The next thing that you can do is make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date and running.  Poor performance can sometimes be attributed to viruses and malware so you want to make sure that you are performing regular virus scans and updates to ensure that you eliminate them.

And last but not least, one thing that users tend to forget about is cleaning up their registry.  This is probably one of the most effective methods in restoring computer speed.  Every time you install, uninstall or run a program, registry entries are created.  Over time your system will be filled with errors and this will slow down its performance significantly.  If you are unsure about making manual changes to your registry using the Windows Registry Editor, there are a number of Free Registry Cleaners available.

If you don’t feel like any of these steps have aided in improving your computer speed.  Geek ABC offers in-home computer repair for Home and Business computer customers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. We serve customers and clients in Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD) and Washington, DC in areas such as Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, McLean, Great Falls, Oakton, Springfield, Vienna, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Germantown, Rockville, Olney, Potomac, Chevy Chase and Washington DC.

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