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Are you looking for SonicWALL Setup – SonicWALL Support or do you need to configure SONICWALL? Washington DC – Virginia (VA) – Maryland (MD)

Who does not want to work uninterrupted?  Who wouldn’t want to get things done in no matter of time? No one wants to ever. Likewise, would you not be comforted if you have had a kind of setup like SonicWALL setup that can act proactively and blocks unsafe internet traffic and ultimately guard your computer from different kinds of cyber threat.  SonicWALL Support is an inclusive and a consistent solution to almost all computer problems related to network security. With the help of SonicWALL configuration at your business or at your home, not only your productivity will be enhanced but as well there are strong chances that it will be saving your frequent trips to a computer repair geek company to remove viruses occurred due to a lack of a reliable firewall security in your computer system.

What is SonicWALL?

The SonicWALL is a proactive setup and arrangement to ensure email security, enable internet protection, and for novice users in the absence of any technical support. SonicWALL products include email security, malware protection, application intelligence, SSL vpn for Sonicwall VPN client, firewall, SonicWALL download, wireless controllers and many such utility features to assure a widespread protection.

SonicWALL can also be described as a security solution to help safeguard systems, networks, and data in a proficient way at both business organizations and homes. SonicWALL products defend and protect systems against foreign threats without compromising on an overall performance of network.

Why do we need SonicWALL Setup or SonicWALL Support?

SonicWALL has various advantages. Some of those are listed as following:

  • SonicWALL has an ease of setup and arrangement for apprentice users without any need of technical support.
  • SonicWALL has firewall abilities not just to enable network security but also preventing users to access the sites they are not meant to be around. This helps in establishing discipline both at business organizations and for young users at home.
  • Products with higher models are more potent and provide VPN client SonicWALL protection against various kinds of viruses.
  • SonicWALL as well serves as a single network administrator and is capable of configuring firewall.
  • SonicWALL boosts performance as data gets compressed across WAN (Wide Area Network). The faster speed encourages users to access, develop and distribute vital information at much quicker, easier and organized way.
  • SonicWALL offers a stable wireless LAN (Local Area Network).
  • SonicWALL improves productivity and efficiency by optimizing bandwidth. Bandwidth management and optimization identifies and blocks possibly unsafe traffic such as messaging and social media.
  • SonicWALL awards productivity to client with the help of accessibility of optional port that can be configured in plentiful techniques in relation to user’s preference.
  • For business organizations, SonicWALL contributes towards playing down infrastructure and administrative overhead, therefore diminishing the cost of deployment and reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • SonicWALL scans through each byte of all entities to ensure the maximum level of protection to serve to a broader community of computer users from that of a home computer owner to those at any business organizations.
  • SonicWALL provides an inclusive advancement to cater to a wider range of users with different and many personal or professional needs in order to deliver a more secure and controlled computer administration.

What are the 3-level of services that you can get?

SonicWALL is increasingly becoming a significantly necessary tool in small and medium sized organizations. SonicWALL’S ability to secure their network communications accounts for the dependency of various business organizations and independent computer owners on the SonicWALL. With the major benefits like Secure Remote Access, Secure Wireless Access, Mobility Solutions, Disaster Recovery, and Network Access Control, SoniWALL is an inclusive and dependable approach to most kinds of Computer related issues for any kind of environment, business or residential.

Geek ABC, an established service provider for Computer Repair and other Computer services across Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC offers SonicWALL Set-up, SonicWALL Support and Configure SonicWALL.

SonicWALL Setup

Geek ABC provides customers with a complete SonicWALL Setup. Though, please find below a brief way to perform SonicWALL setup, if you feel proficient.

ü   The computer must be turned on and please check for the cable modem to be working and is attached to the computer, in case computer fails to start.

ü   “Run” and type “winipcfg” (please, ignore the quotes) at the “Start” menu and then press “ok”. Your computer screen will display your computer’s IP Configuration. Please, choose “More info” and pick Ethernet Card in the drop-down box.

ü   Please, note down the following information:

v  Host Name

v  DNS Servers

v  Ethernet Adapter Address (Please, make sure the Ethernet card is selected)

ü   You can now perform SonicWALL SetUp, once you have closed the box.

ü   SonicWALL’s two ports: one for the LAN connection and one for the WAN (Cable modem). It comes with a standard cable and a cross-over cable. They are in different colors and clearly marked. You may have to test for yourself if the standard cable on the LAN connection or the crossover on the WAN will work for SonicWALL Setup in your case (you can detect it to be working fine if it gets a light at each port when you power up).

ü   After that, plugin the SonicWALL and make sure you are getting power. Please, plug the first patch cable into the hub and the LAN port followed by the second cable into the cable modem and the WAN port. This makes SonicWALL go through a test phase.

ü   If it is all going accordingly and you feel confident now, try accessing the SonicWALL browser through your Web Browser, following the manual instruction.

v  Note: You must reset your computer’s TCP/IP address within range, since this is what sonicWALL uses and please, set the subnet mask at

v  The browser screen should straight away turn dark blue followed by a login.

ü   After having logged in, please follow the SonicWALL Setup login instructions and configure settings as described below:

v  Please, enter one of the DNS addresses

v  Please, enter Host Name

v  Please, select “NAT with DHCP client”

ü   You would have to use the real IP addresses to configure mail.

ü   Please, have MediaOne to reset to the MAC address of your SonicWALL.

ü   Don’t forget tor eset both cable modem and SonicWALL. After the SonicWALL Setup test phase is completed, the transmission and reception lights will start blinking on the WAN connection.

ü   After having accomplished that, try going to the SonicWALL Setup in the browser and log in.

ü   Finally, check your browser settings to make sure the proxy is turned off and it is able to connect to internet using a LAN. Please, initiate the browser and test for your SonicWALL Set up success.

SonicWALL Support

GeekABC promotes SonicWALL VPN security appliances that carries a range of security applications and deliver a reliable firewall and VPN performance. GeekABC offers an inclusive SonicWALL support concept for firewall, anti-virus, VPN, content filtering, and intrusion prevention that can help SonicWALL business clients to protect their network while steadily providing a link amongst their company headquarters, remote and onsite employees.

GeekABC provides Onsite, Telephone, and Remote Support to its SonicWALL clients. GeekABC provides support as a troubleshooting exercise. This is done by creating a case number to an organization or individual seeking SonicWALL Support and later assigning a technician to attend to that case.

Configure SonicWALL

ü   In order to Configure SonicWALL, please initiate your web browser followed by typing into the address field. Press “Enter” key.

ü   Please, choose a language, followed by clicking “Next”.

ü   Please, follow the instructions according to Setup Wizard. It leads you through inputting the correct values from your ISP to configure the Internet Connection.

ü   Finally, reboot the router to finish to Configure SonicWALL.


TZ Series Models


  • We Setup SonicWALL tz 100
  • We Support SonicWALL tz 100
  • We Configure SonicWALL tz 100
  • We Setup SonicWALL tz 170
  • We Support SonicWALL 170
  • We Configure SonicWALL 170
  • We Setup SonicWALL tz 200
  • We Support SonicWALL tz 200
  • We Configure SonicWALL tz 200
  • We Setup SonicWALL tz 210
  • We Support SonicWALL 210
  • We Configure SonicWALL 210

Who may be SonicWALL useful for?

SonicWALL’s products are valuable for small to medium sized networks and they are highly practical for even individual systems. Their products and range of firewalling products are of utmost importance to service providers, healthcare, retail, government and corporate environments.

Is setting-up SonicWALL at home a complex process?

A process that doesn’t exactly follow the manual instructions and may need you acquire some additional facts from your cable connection provider before you disconnect can be a complex process. It is important to note down the serial number for SonicWALL and other details, because soon after internet won’t be seen until it’s successfully connected again. It can be an issue especially while attempting to get online technical support.

What do you have to do to Configure SonicWALL, or seek SonicWALL support, SonicWALL Setup?

As a potential SonicWALL client, all you have to do is to seek for an on-site or an on-call computer geek company like Geek ABC to Configure SonicWALL. We are Geek ABC, a locally owned computer and network service and repair company that provides mobile, onsite computer service and repair for businesses and residents throughout Northern Virginia (VA), Baltimore Maryland (MD) metropolitan area, and Washington DC metro area. Geek ABC Springfield VA Computer Repair company provides onsite computer repair, laptop and PC diagnostic service and repair, data recovery and other technical services. If you have any questions our services we can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) to schedule an appointment.  You can also check out our blog at for additional information.



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