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Time Machine Data Backup For Mac – Using Time Machine To Backup Data On Your Mac, Potomac, Silver Spring, Rockville Maryland (MD), Fairfax, Alexandria, Herndon Virginia (VA)

Too often we overlook the importance of backing up the data that we keep on our computers.  Have you ever really thought about what you would lose if something happened to your computer and it crashed?  With Mac, backing up your data has never been so easy.  Time Machine is an application for Mac that makes it easy to create a backup of the data on your computer in an unfortunate case that it crashes or you lose or accidentally delete a document, picture or other important file.  The only thing you need to keep Time Machine backing up your data is an external hard drive big enough to store everything on your computer.  What is nice is that it runs on its own and updates constantly.

Setting up Time Machine to backup your Mac is extremely simple.  Once you have plugged in your external hard drive, via the USB, a popup window will appear asking you whether you want to use it for a Time Machine backup and all you have to do is click the button for Use as Backup.  Unless you only want to back up certain documents and information, this is really the only step that you need to follow.  You can always customize Time Machine to backup certain files and folders.  Time Machine backs up hourly and will create multiple copies of your files so that you can go back to a certain date and time if anything were to ever happen to that particular file.  This is a great feature.

If you have never thought about the ramifications of losing the data that you keep saved on your computer, you really should think about it and consider backing up your data.

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