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***We provide onsite Computer Repair and Network Support for home and business in VA, MD and DC. Please, call us toll free 877-433-5222 or fill out the Service Request Form to schedule an appointment. We have put a blog below that you may find useful knowledge about computers, services and products.***

Annandale & Burke & Centreville Virginia (VA) Rootkit – Rootkit Detection & Removal, Annandale, Burke & Centreville Virginia (VA)

A Rootkit is a software or set of programs installed on a computer by an intruder giving the intruder access to the rootkit infected PC without being seen.    By installing the rootkit it allows them to come back and access the computer at a later date with malicious intent and attempt to steal personal and financial data which can lead to identity theft, create and relay spam or infect the computer with a virus and cause it to crash.   Rootkits are typically used to create “back doors” to a system by installing hidden programs; like keylogger programs.  These types of programs will record every key stroke the victim makes, whether they are online or not, and relay the data back to the intruder.  Usernames, passwords, back account information, credit card numbers, and other sensitive personal data is revealed with keylogger programs.  Another use for rootkits is to infect and compromise a large quantity of computers to form a remote rootkit network, otherwise known as a botnet.

There are a number of ways that a computer can become infected with rootkits.  Just as with viruses, rootkits can be inserted in to your computer through email attachments, by downloading certain programs or by visiting a particular website.  Rootkits are also very sneaky and hard to detect, they have the ability to change settings and file names.

When a rootkit has been detected, unfortunately, there is no easy way to get rid of them.  It’s really important that you keep your antivirus, antispyware and antimalware software up-t0-date and run them often.  If a rootkit has entered your system the only for sure what to get rid of it is to reinstall the operating system.  This can be very frustrating and time consuming, not to mention you could potentially lose all of your data.  This is another reason why it’s so important to back up your data on a regular basis.

If you believe your computer has been infected with a rootkit, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We will do what we can to help you identify it and get rid of it,  Even if that means reinstally your OS.  We can be reached via our website, or give us a call at 1.877.GEEKABC (1.877.433.5222) for more information or to schedule an appointment.  We provide mobile, onsite computer and laptop service and repair for businesses and residents throughout the Washington DC metro area.  Our geeks are well versed in the world of internet viruses, malware and spyware, we see them every day.

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