We are taking a quick break from our “How Does My Computer Work” series to discuss a very exciting development here at GeekABC Computer Repair. We just launched GeekABC News, a weekly consumer technology broadcast that airs on Saturdays from 6-7PM on Facebook Live! To watch, all you have to do is like our GeekABC Facebook Page, and you will receive a notification when we go live.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Why does a technical service provider have a Facebook show?” It’s a fair question! At GeekABC, we want to be on the forefront of addressing our customer’s ideas and questions with modern platforms. As GeekABC’s Computer Repair Technicians, we often state that we could not be in a more exciting industry right now. The 21st century is a digital age, and we are all passionate and enthusiastic about what we do for a living. Around the office, it is pretty common for us to talk about the major headlines in consumer technology, and we decided that we would like to engage our customers and friends in these conversations. Facebook Live was an obvious choice for us as livestreaming has become a primary means of content consumption online, especially with a younger audience. By archiving our content to YouTube, we also hope to engage the TechTuber audience, an inspirational movement to us lead by channels like Linus Tech Tips, JayzTwoCents, and many others.

We are not trying to compete with any individual or group in this space. Instead, we hope to summarize the many opinions out there so that you can form your own educated opinion on these consumer technology topics. The other differentiating factor between us and the big-name TechTubers is that we are placing a large emphasis on direct contact with you, our audience! As you know, we have three physical locations that you can walk into to meet us at (Great Falls, Fairfax, and Springfield, Virginia). We also have our phone number readily available (,1-877-433-5222) and if you call that number, you will get ahold of a GeekABC technician. Lastly, we are providing you with email access to our host, Andy (andy@geekabc.net), so if you have questions that come up during the week, you can reach him there!

If, for example, you are working on building your own computer, and you want an experienced GeekABC technician to look over your parts list, we can do that! Or we can offer you a free diagnostic if your computer is acting up. We want to make content that is relevant and interesting to you, and the best way to do that is to provide this level of access. Through these broadcasts, we hope to become the sort of people that you, our audience, can engage with for all your IT needs and questions.

For more information, check out this introduction video! We hope to see you at 6 on Saturday!

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