Let’s put down our lovely iPhones and take away our sleek Android phones for just a minute to make a few recollections. In a battle between laptops and desktops, who would actually win? Portability vs. performance, which one will really suit your needs?

Desktops outperform any kind of portable gadget
You must have used a desktop computer before any kind of mobile gadget and device. Remember how your desktop could perform all kinds of functions, access the web and do a lot of stuff even offline? Desktops win hands down when it comes to performance with the following additional points:
• You can easily upgrade a desktop computer using hardware and compatible software. You can make it run faster by adding more memory, improve its graphics by enhancing its graphics card and upgrading your video monitor or improve audio by adding a new sound card and a cool speaker system.
• You can connect a desktop computer to other peripherals and make it more efficient. Connect your desktop using wired or wireless connection to a printer, scanner, camera and so many more.
• You do not need to worry about battery life since you are constantly plugged in.
The downside of using a desktop computer
• No matter how powerful a desktop computer may be it is not portable. You simply cannot take a desktop without taking all of its components and assembling it on site.
• In case of a power failure and you are not connected to a backup power system, you will lose any unsaved data. If this frequently happens, you may face some problems with your hard drive soon.
• Desktops cost less than laptops but to transform a regular desktop computer into a fully –functioning machine for gaming, you may need to spend more.

Laptops can perform like a desktop but with limited power
Laptops could perform tasks that can be done in a desktop computer. You could run Office programs, watch movies, use the web and so much more. Laptops are available in different screen sizes, specs and brands. If you are looking for a cost efficient model you can easily find one online or if you prefer a high end brand then you may also shop for this as well.
• You may now pre-order laptops according to your own needs and specs.
• You may connect a laptop to a peripherals similar to desktops but with a few limitations. For instance, your laptop should have an HDMI port to connect an HD monitor or Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to a Wi-Fi source.
• Laptops may be brought anywhere since it is light, portable and will never take up space in your luggage or bag.
• Laptops are ready to use out-of-the-box.
Indeed, laptops beat desktops when it comes to portability but there are some disadvantages as well:
• Batteries could wear away easily depending on the brand of the laptop and of course how you use it every day. Using a portable backup power could save you from looking for a nearby outlet and from losing your data.
• Laptops may be difficult to upgrade and oftentimes you need a specialist to do it for you.
• Laptops are more expensive than desktops; the bigger the screen, the sleeker the graphics and the faster the core, the more money you may need to dish out.

There is no clear cut winner. If you travel a lot then you definitely need a portable and convenient laptop. If you work from home or in an office, a desktop computer is a winner for you.
No matter what you choose, make sure that you shop smart and read reviews to get the best value for your money.

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