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Washington DC Facebook Safety & Security – Social Networks Safety & Security Washington DC

Social Networking sites such as Facebook have the potential to be useful networking and business tools, but you have to be careful and approach them with a certain amount of caution and common sense.  Social Networks can be a great place to meet and network with people around the globe who share the same interests, personal and business.  But, they can also pose serious security threats to their users and their companies as well.

One of the most important things to take in to consideration when joining a Social Network is their privacy policies.  It will be worth your while to take the time to read over and understand them since they include the types of info that they will reveal and or sell to other parties, including spammers.  Also, these policies can change over time so it’s important to be up to date on the latest inclusions and exclusions of the policies.

If you are using a social network for business purposes it’s important to remember who is looking at your profile and always be professional.  Too often we find ourselves in situations that can be compromising and if someone on your list of friends decides to post a picture, anyone on your profile can see it.  Another thing to be careful about when using these sites for business purposes is to know who you are chatting with.  Until you can personally verify someone’s identity be wary of adding them.  You never know if the person you think is a fellow business owner or a predator pretending to be.  And even though these sites can be full of useful information, they are also full of useless information as well.  It’s a good idea use the same tools that you use for verifying new hires or business partners to verify new contacts.

As for status updates on sites like Facebook, use your common sense, be thoughtful and be discreet.  There have been cases where people have posted that they were going on vacation and then return only to find out that their house has been robbed while they were away.  Also be wary of posting where you are going to be at a certain time, you never know if there is someone who may be unhappy with you or see you as an enemy and you are basically giving them an open invitation to show up and harass you.

And probably one of the most important things to take in to account is the amount and detail of information that you provide on your profile page.  Any information such as Birth Date, Phone Numbers, Address, Daily Routines and Schedules, etc. can expose you to unwanted visitors and possibly identity theft or malicious threat.  It’s better for you in the long run to keep this info to a minimum than to reveal information that could possibly be used against you in the future.

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