Meet the Geeks


Kam Khan created GeekABC Computer Repair to provide professional, convenient, and accessible IT support throughout DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. He envisioned a company that could provide both in-shop and on-site computer services to reach more customers and give the Business a storefront feeling as well. Kam enjoys his Business so much that he has continued to fill in some store shifts and schedule on-site appointments for himself. When he isn't working at GeekABC, Kam likes to oil paint, mostly in abstract forms. He listens to rock, metal, alternative, symphonic, epic soundtracks, and opera. He enjoys a wide variety of movies, especially adventure, mystery, and science fiction.


Richard makes the entire operation here at GeekABC possible through his superhuman dedication to the company. Not only is he an expert in Windows and Mac repair, he is a highly skilled manager who promotes efficiency throughout GeekABC. Richard ensures that each customer who walks through GeekABC's doors receives the quality service they deserve and works with the rest of our staff to brainstorm areas for growth and improvement. He also manages our Springfield shop.


"If it's broken, Ricardo can fix it." A deserving slogan for our head technician, Ricardo has amassed an incredibly impressive repository of IT wisdom over the years. Working both on-site and in-shop, Ricardo is the backbone of our computer repair operations thanks to his diverse skills.


Having joined the our team as a computer technician in late July 2016, Andy has transitioned into management and marketing for GeekABC, though he can still be found around our shops working on computers. He studies computer science and has been involved in several projects and presentations specifically regarding educational technology. He has a longstanding passion for consumer computing and a technician’s spirit. His hobbies include technical theater, 3D printing, and, when his schedule permits, video production and editing. On Saturdays, Andy hosts our Facebook Live show, GeekABC News.


Fueled by a high-energy, charismatic personality, Matt manages our Fairfax shop and works alongside our other technicians to communicate with customers and execute repairs. His witty humor makes him a blast to work alongside of, and his genuine enthusiasm for consumer electronics is impossible to miss as it is expressed on a daily basis through his excellent repair work and his personal computer hobbies.


With a background in Apple systems and a wide variety of experiences in Windows machines, Henry's unique expertise makes him an excellent manager for the diverse customer-base served by GeekABC's Great Falls Village Center shop. In conjunction with our other Great Falls staff, Henry refurbishes GeekABC's lineup of commercially available laptops, manages the company's inventory, and personally services many of the computers that walk in the door.


A recent addition to our team, Tim works on the road as an on-site technician. As a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force, Tim has received the world's best education in cyber security and systems, and he brings those skills to GeekABC on a daily basis. He actively contributes to our web development and networking efforts.



When he isn't climbing trees or working as a stage manager, Jonathan works on a wide variety of digital assets for GeekABC. Having studies cinematography and film making, Jonathan takes pride in calling himself an artist, and he specializes in digital graphics, 3d modeling/animation, digital painting, scenic design, motion graphics, and, of course, video production. In addition to producing many of our web assets, Jonathan works behind the scenes on GeekABC News and shot most of the footage you see on our YouTube page.