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In an age where PC gaming has advanced to 4K screens, high refresh rate monitors, Virtual Reality, an immersive multi-monitor setups, custom PCs are the driving force for modern enthusiasts. Even in non-gaming workloads, graphic designers, content creators, and other professionals require high-end hardware to keep pace!
At GeekABC, our technicians are also computer hobbyists who experiment with powerful computing hardware on a regular basis. As a team, we combine our knowledge and expertise to craft the most powerful and cost effective, computers in the area.

What do you get with a GeekABC Custom PC?

Not only will you purchase a system designed and assembled by a team of experts specifically to suit your needs, but you receive phenomenal peace of mind as well. No need to worry if parts will be compatible, if you are buying the best hardware for your workflow, or if you will need to deal with dead components or confusing manufacturer policies. GeekABC simplifies the process!
After a quick conversation to discuss your needs, we will match you with one of our custom PC formulas to best suit your computing experience, or we will design an entirely unique system just for you! We find the parts, build the system, and warranty the finished build ourselves so you can minimize downtime for your busy schedule.

Let GeekABC help you out!

Have you recently built your own custom PC but are having trouble with it? AMD Ryzen having trouble with memory? Not sure how to configure your new Samsung NVME SSD? Confused if you purchased the right Intel CPU to go with your motherboard? Let GeekABC help you out!
Our technicians are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you, from troubleshooting your system to helping you design your own.
Swing by or give us a call, no appointment necessary!