Mac Data recovery

On-site and In Shop

Recover Your Important Data!

While computers can often be replaced or upgraded, at GeekABC, we know that the one thing our customers cannot go without is their data! Photos, documents, videos, you name it! Your data is important to you, and so it is also important to us! Family pictures, financial spreadsheets, and home videos can often be recovered even from damaged hard drives by our trained technicians.

Our Guarantee

We treat customer's data as our top priority and make sure to keep you up to date on the status of your harddrive and data. And on the rare occasion where we cannot recover your files, you pay nothing! There is no risk, no matter how many gigabytes (or even terrabytes!) of data need to be saved!

Data Migration

If you are upgrading to a new system but do not want to leave your files behind, GeekABC can also migrate your information to a new system so none of your important data is left behind! Our data migration services are top-notch, and our technicians have years of experience guiding our customers to data solutions that minimize downtime and maximize ease of use and productivity, especially when it comes to user files and other data.


At GeekABC, we hate to see our customers stressed over the potential for important files such as music libraries, school essays, or Business reports to be lost to a dead hard drive, so we also offer data backup services to reduce the risk of data loss. Drive imaging, external backups, and even network-based / cloud options are all available to you if you come to GeekABC and let us help you protect your important data. Don't risk another day of potentially catastrophic data loss! Come to GeekABC for data backup services from our expert technicians.