Windows PC Repair

On-site and In Shop

Any Service, Any System

We offer many services for PCs of all shapes and sizes: desktops, laptops, all-in-ones, or whatever else you own! From upgrading or replacing RAM, operating systems, hard drives, and motherboards, to power supplies, CPUs, software programs, and peripherals, GeekABC has you covered! We are also experts in virus removal and preventative maintenance for any system.

Free Diagnostic!

With a free diagnostic, an expert GeekABC computer repair technician will get to the bottom of whatever is disrupting your computing experience at no charge to you! Before we conduct any service on your machine or charge you anything, we make sure we know exactly what is going on and how to fix it.


At GeekABC, we are also happy to help you upgrade your computer with the latest and greatest hardware to help you compete in a world of increasing digital processing demands. Maybe you can upgrade your laptop's hard drive to an ultra fast solid state drive (SSD), or maybe you can upgrade your RAM to give your computer more memory to work with? Want better gaming performance? We can install the latest graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia in your desktop! Together, we can work to bring your computer up to speed!